Update 1.2 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.2

Howdy all. It’s been awhile and we have a big update for everyone. The 1.2 Update introduces our first new… well… battle mode since global launch: The Heist! This is a 5-player, real-time, cooperative mode where you work together to catch a Thief who is relieving the City of its key valuables.

Because this feature is new and different, we plan to release it only on Server 1 for about a week. We want it to have some “closed beta” time to work out any kinks, especially with the real-time component. We’ll keep everyone in the loop and let you know as soon as it’s ready for wide release.

In the meantime, please check out the other new features, heroes, improvements, and other content. There are a lot of other goodies to enjoy! As alway, full details below.


  • New heroes:
    • Maui from Disney’s Moana (coming August 1st!)
    • Merida from Disney•Pixar’s Brave
    • Stitch from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch
  • The Heist:
    • Work with 4 other players to catch the Thief in this real-time cooperative mode
  • Russian language support
  • Tons of new Disney Emoji for in-game chat
  • Polish, improvements, bug fixes, and more


“Listen. For a thousand years, I’ve only been thinking about keepin’ this hair silky, getting my hook, and being awesome, again.”

Maui is a front-line tank! Maui’s hero chips will soon be available as the August sign-in reward on August 1st.


Shark Bite
When an enemy within melee range of Maui has less than a certain amount of HP,* Maui transforms into a shark and bites them, dealing true damage.**

*Maui won’t use this skill until he can KO an enemy.
**True damage ignores armor and reality.

Take Flight (Normal Damage)
Maui turns into a hawk and sends gusts of wind at enemies. The two closest enemies are dealt damage and knocked back.

Psych Up
Maui does a motivational dance at the start of combat to grant his allies Courage. Courage increases energy gained from taking damage. Courage remains active on allies until they use their active skill.

The Courage effect from “Psych Up” also reduces normal damage taken.


“There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better.”

Merida is a back-line damage hero! Merida’s hero chips can be found in the Heist shop on Server 1, and in the Diamond Crate on Servers 2-12.


Gaelic Volley (Normal Damage)
Merida leaps into the air and fires eight arrows at the enemy team, dealing damage with each arrow.

On Target (Normal Damage)
Merida lines up a shot that can hit up to 3 enemies in a line, dealing damage to each enemy hit.

Pride of the Clan
Once Merida falls below half HP, she gains increased attack speed and basic damage.

Merida’s arrows rend her target’s armor, reducing it for a few seconds. This effect can stack.


“Nobody gets left behind.”

Stitch is a back-line damage hero! Stitch’s hero chips can be found in the VIP Crate.


Plasma Blast (Normal Damage)
Stitch pulls out all of his blasters and attacks the closest enemy 4 times, dealing damage with each hit.

Stitch rudely marks a target, slowing their movement speed and their attack speed for a few seconds. Shortly after, a security gun shoots the target dealing damage to the enemy and nearby enemies.

626 Shuffle
Stitch tussles with an enemy, temporarily stunning them. Stitch hits the enemy four times, stealing HP with each hit. Stitch only uses this skill when he is below a certain amount of HP, and can only use it once every so often.

Feel The Groove
Every time Stitch crits, he gains energy.

Hero Balance and Combat Changes

  • Shields
    • We noticed some inconsistencies in how shields work and wanted to standardize them. The changes below make it so shields function just like extra health.
      • Energy when Damaged: Shielded characters now gain energy when they take damage, just like non shielded characters.
      • Status Effects: Shields no longer block status effects or knockbacks in certain situations.
    • Overall these changes make shields a little more powerful in combat.
  • Kevin Flynn
    • Fixed an issue where Flynn’s “Power Cleanse” (White Skill) would not remove negative status effects.
  • Violet
    • Violet can no longer interrupt her “Shield Roll” (Blue Skill) with her “Secure Squad” (White Skill). This change prevents her from being left in the middle of the enemy team.
  • Mike Wazowski
    • Mike can no longer interrupt his “On a Roll” (Blue Skill) with his “Sonic Belch” (White Skill). This change prevents him from being left in the middle of the enemy team.
  • Judy Hopps
    • Judy’s “Bunny Hop” (White Skill) had a typo in the skill text. The skill now correctly states the movement and attack speed are slowed by 80%. There is no functional change here.
  • Jack-Jack
    • Jack-Jack’s “Jack-Jack Attack” (Purple Skill) now triggers off other fiery effects such Hector Barbossa’s “Hot Shot” (Purple Skill) and Merida’s “Bullheaded Redhead” memory disk.

Hero Location Updates

  • New Heroes
    • Stitch is available only from the VIP Crate
    • Merida
      • is in the Heist Shop on Server 1
      • is available only from the Diamond Crate on Servers 2 through 12
    • Maui will be available in the Daily Sign-In on August 1st
  • Existing Heroes
    • Kevin Flynn is now only in the Diamond Crate on Servers 1 through 8
    • Buzz Lightyear is now only in the Diamond Crate on Servers 9 through 12
    • Chief Bogo is now in the Guild Crate on Servers 1 through 8
      • He remains in the Elite campaign as well
    • Jack-Jack is now in the Arena Shop
    • Quorra is now in the Heist Shop on Server 1
    • Captain Hector Barbossa is now in the Elite Campaign for Server 1 through 8
    • Tia Dalma will be in the Coliseum Shop after August 1st

New Content

  • New Medals for winning Heists at different difficulties

Server 1 Update

  • Team Level cap increased from 80 to 85
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Purple +4 rank
  • Chapter 11: “Power Line” is now available
    • Witness our heroes return to the Hackerspace!
    • Elite Campaign features: Hector Barbossa (main hero), Woody, Buzz, Rex, Eve
  • New Friendships & Memory Disks
    • These unlock when both heroes reach the listed level
    • Merida and Elastigirl (lvl 81)
    • Vanellope von Schweetz and Merida (lvl 82)
    • Merida and Chief Bogo (lvl 83)
    • Violet and Merida (lvl 83)
    • Hector Barbossa and Stitch (lvl 84)
    • Stitch and Maui (lvl 85)

Servers 2-8 Update

  • Team Level cap increased from 70 to 75
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Purple +2 rank
  • Chapter 9: “Counter Line” is now available
    • Check out the new Covered Market district of The City
    • Elite Campaign features: Hector Barbossa (main hero), Buzz, Elastigirl, Yax, Frozone
  • New Friendships & Memory Disks
    • These unlock when both heroes reach the listed level
    • Sulley and Wreck-It Ralph (lvl 71)
    • Ralph and Captain Jack Sparrow (lvl 71)
    • Woody and Jessie (lvl 72)
    • Jessie and Buzz (lvl 72)
    • Jack Sparrow and Nick Wilde (lvl 72)
    • Jessie and Judy Hopps (lvl 73)
    • Rex and Mike (lvl 73)
    • Mike and Sulley (lvl 73)
    • EVE and Calhoun (lvl 74)
    • Mike and Jack-Jack (lvl 74)
    • Sulley and Woody (lvl 74)
    • Frozone and EVE (lvl 75)
    • EVE and WALL•E (lvl 75)
    • WALL•E and Dash (lvl 75)

The Heist


  • Real-Time Cooperative Play
    • The Heist is a real-time cooperative game mode that you can play with up to four other players.
    • Each player controls five heroes on the city map, who move, investigate, stand guard and battle.
  • Goals & Rewards
    • Your goal is to find the Thief and defeat her before she steals all of the Valuables.
    • Winning the Heist rewards Heist Tokens and Guild Influence.
    • You can also earn Disk Power at higher difficulties.
  • Check out our full post on the Heist, featuring more screenshots and detailed rules for the whole experience!!!

New Disney Emoji

We’ve added full Disney Emoji sets for all of our other (non-Incredibles) heroes:

  • Brave (Merida)
  • Lilo & Stitch (Stitch)
  • Moana (Maui)
  • Monsters, Inc. (Mike, Sulley)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow, Tia Dalma, Hector Barbossa)
  • Toy Story (Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Woody, Zurg)
  • Wall-E (EVE, WALL-E)
  • Wreck-It Ralph (Sgt. Calhoun, Fix-Felix, Jr., Ralph, Vanellope)
  • Zootopia (Bogo, Finnick, Judy, Nick, Yax)

Improvements & Updates

  • We’ve made it easier to increase your Team Level
    • Starting at Team Level 15+, roughly 20% less Team XP will be required to reach each subsequent level
  • Removed watching video ads for stamina/friend stamina from the game
    • Not many players were using this feature; removing it declutters the UI
  • Added a new option for free diamond offers: surveys from Theorem Reach
  • Added UI on the Main Screen to indicate when you have timed consumables in effect
  • The “Choose Merc” list can now be sorted by availability
    • i.e. You can hide all the Mercs who have already been hired
  • Added “clear all teams” button to Coliseum
  • Added Chat Setting to toggle friend requests from Rankings and Guild Members on/off
    • Some players were getting overwhelmed with requests
  • You can no longer collect Guild Coins from Mercenaries when at your guild coin cap
  • Added VFX on hero portrait bar of cursed hero when that hero is targeted by healing
    • “Cursed” heroes can’t heal, but it was hard to see this before
    • Now healing will visually “fizzle” when attempted on cursed heroes
  • Charmed heroes no longer use the infected VFX
    • We found this confusing when your lineup shared a hero with the enemy
    • Now charmed heroes will simply display status effects over their heads
  • Surge “Guild Info” lists now indicate which players are currently online

Bug Fixes

  • Amazon client can now connect to Facebook
  • iOS devices can now display apostrophes and quotes in chat
  • Fixed missing text in some Android push notifs
  • Fixed bug where edits to guild chat posts wouldn’t disappear
  • You can now view combat stats after winning a spar in chat
  • Fixed issues with Contest rankings displaying incorrectly

Hi, In the patch notes there is no mention of HEIST for servers 2+. Only mention server 1 heroes. Does all servers get the HEIST feature or is it exclusive to server 1. Also what heroes will it have ?


Heist will only be available on Server 1 for the time being.


The second paragraph clearly states it will only be on server 1 for an indefinite period of testing.


When will the patch hit server 3?


Was hoping for Moana this update, but will settle with these :wink:


Kinda sucks for a major feature to be advertised, especially on Facebook, and then for only select people to get it. I understand beta testing, but I feel like they could’ve held off on advertising it until it was ready for full release.


I hope putting bogo in guild crate means you’re going to start rotating it more frequently. Also a little disgusting that you had a vote on Facebook to find out who most people wanted (Stitch) and then put him where the majority of players can’t get him (VIP crate). I thought PerBlue was better than that.


I agree with you I thought they will add it in sign in rewards.


Might have missed it, but I don’t think I saw any mention of where Tia Dalma will be after this month’s sign in reward?


Same thought. I’m not a stitch fan, but this is bad on the company’s part. I’m just glad it wasn’t Merida.


When we can play? I mean when the server will available?

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That’s crappy, yes. I nedd the stamina…


So what’s the update for servers 9-12? Do we not get anything new?


Start a new Server maybe, too?


I hope we can get the devtech outfit for Elastigirl


agree with you, i think its very unfortunate for us f2p players, because we need that ads to get free friend stamina


I didn’t even had option to watch for normal stamina, so not surprising that not many people used it…


Yup I am bored
When can we play


Ttraditional Chinese language please :slight_smile:

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