Blue Team Guides (Part 1)



  • Useful friendship disks (I’ll explain in detail later)
  • Good skill set
  • High Reality negation, basic damage, skill power (both stats reach at least 10000) and max HP (at least 100000) when at red rank


  • No tenacity and evasion (making him more prone to disables)
  • Purple and white skill (I’ll also explain in detail)


Jafar deals some good damage with his Whirling Dervish and can kill most enemies and is one of the best skills in the game. His green skill prevents one of his enemy to activate his white skill or attack normally (he slows one enemy), probably a perfect timing to KO the enemy. His white skill can charm someone until he runs out of energy. According to game tips (seen when the game is loading), it says that attacks will be interrupted if damage more than 15% HP is taken, meaning that the charm may be stopped and because of his usage of energy, he may not be able to activate his white skill fast enough and he may be disabled and/or KO quick. His purple skill reinforces the charm, giving the charmed opponent a speed boost, allowing the charmed enemy to kill almost his whole team. But there’s a downside. Allies’ disables are also blocked meaning that the disable will be rendered ineffective but damage will still be dealt.


Skill power mods: His blue skill can deal heavy damage and can be increased through Hades’s Meg disk. It is recommended to apply the blue skill upgrade. But for the green and purple skill, I personally suggest applying the green skill upgrade as it steals energy and slows the enemy to slow his energy increase.

HP mods: Due to Jafar’s no tenacity and/or evasion, a shield can help in blocking some damage. Although reality upgrades are usually not recommended as Jaguar usually has more reality.

Basic damage mods: After Jafar reaches Orange+2, he is recommended to be equipped with 2 HP and skill power mods, but if equipping basic damage mods is a must, maybe add the fantastic crit as there is a higher chance to deal more damage with his Whirling Dervish.

Friendship disks:
Scar’s disk give Jafar’s tank allies more HP and his support allies more skill power and Whirling Dervish will be used at the start of each wave as his first attack and will deal more damage to damage and control role enemies. Gaston’s disk makes Jafar’s charm more useful, giving him HP per second and more energy. This disk’s stealing energy effect however seems redundant but it helps to activate his white skill earlier. In my opinion, there

Pairing allies: Hades or anyone that is benefitted from Jafar’s Scar disk (like Tank and Support allies). Hades’s Meg disk allows Hades to deal more damage with his white skill and Jafar is also benefitted as he can also deal more damage. Jafar in return can also give Hades more HP, making them the perfect combo. Other definite disable heroes can also be used to prevent Jafar from being KO. Mickey can also boost Jafar’s damage with his white skill and give him or Mickey energy and heal and regenerate HP, preventing him from being KO.

Things to watch out: Since Jafar has ZERO tenacity and/or evasion thus definite disable heroes pose as the biggest threat to him. Add definite disable heroes to his team as well.



  • Good emergency healing (Red skill boosts Felix’s healing skill, where all allies are also healed if they are below 50% max HP)
  • Mix of buffs and debuffs (He offers skill power for his allies and he also stun and blind and maybe freeze. Therefore, he has the abilities of a support and a control.)
  • High skill power, HP regen and energy regen (allowing him to activate his white skill earlier)


  • Low tenacity
  • More prone to KO (although he has high HP, his low tenacity means he is more prone to disables and he can be KO faster)


HP mods: Felix usually has lower armor and because of his new red skill offering more armor than reality, armor is not recommended to be given to him. Shields are better because of his low tenacity.

Skill power mods

Green skills and purple skills are highly recommended as the green skill upgrade gives more healing and the purple skill offers more skill power.

Basic damage mods

Common sense is not to apply fantastic crit as Felix deals 0 fantastic damage. The rest is up to you.

Healing Hammer (Felix’s red skill): Felix heals his allies below 50% max HP and removes 3 debuffs with the longest duration below a certain level (the longest one as of now is 20 seconds, Merida’s armor reduction). This skill can now heal his allies but only if they are below 50% max HP. This skill is not useful for high HP but front liners enjoy the healing which is good if they do not have any healing skills. The skill also offers more armor and reality (20000 starting value), more than other red skills that offer armor and reality (Gonzo and Goofy are some examples.) This is perfect because Felix can take lesser damage.

Frozone’s disk offers an extra debuff (freeze) and skill power whereas Ralph’s disk lets Felix attack faster per 10% of missing HP and max HP. Both are equally good in my opinion and both are effective and you can’t go wrong either way.

Pairing allies: A support like Flynn is useful as he also has a debuff cleanse skill if Felix’s red skill debuff removal is not effective. Hades can also redirect damage making Felix have longer survival duration in the fight. Another alternative is another tank.

Things to watch out: Enemies with disables longer than 5 seconds are a threat or high damage dealers like Elsa and Pooh.

Part 1 - 2 herores.

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Goofy(Je) is a nice ally for Jafar
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