Cruella de Vil - Character Concept Project

Character Portrait:
Name: Cruella de Vil
Star: :star2::star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Red

Quote: “I live for furs! I worship furs! Sigh… after all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t?”

Bio: A dastardly fashionista who is obsessed with the latest, hottest, and oddest couture.

Cruella elegantly walks onto the field.
Cruella cackles uproariously
Cruella becomes enraged, throwing her hands in the air.


White: Cheerio, Darling!
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage


Passive: Instead of having a regular attack, Cruella smokes from her cigarette holder, gaining 101 Energy. Cruella can share her Energy with her allies if this skill is not activated.

Active: Cruella exhales a plume of swirling smoke towards the enemy team, dealing 1011 damage over 5 seconds that negates all enemy buffs, in addition to lowering their Basic Damage and Skill Power by 2000 for 5 seconds.

The buff negation and damage decrease has a chance to fail on enemies higher than level 1.

Green: My Only True Love
Bio: Cruella relishes the soft feeling of her fur coat, healing herself for 1956, as well as curing any ailments.

Cruella is untargetable during this skill. In addition, Cruella can still use this skill if she is Stunned, Frozen, or Charmed.

Note: Scared, Studied, and Armor/Reality Decreased all count as ailments.

Blue: Wretched Pen!
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Bio: Cruella uses a faulty pen to splash ink onto the three front-most enemies, dealing 1961 damage, Blinding them for 7 seconds, as well as Slowing them for 4 seconds.

Purple: Get Those Puppies!
:fist:t6: Normal Damage

Bio: At the start of battle, Cruella haphazardly drives her car across the screen, dealing 1996 damage to all enemies.

The sheer impact from her car renders enemies’ Armor by 101 for 6 seconds, in addition to Stunning them for 1.01 seconds.


Shank - Slaughter Race
Disk Hologram:

  • Get Those Puppies! deals an additional 2018 damage

  • Get Those Puppies! shreds 1, 225 Armor for 10 seconds. Armor and time increases per Star

    Cruella de Vil and Shank are now Friends!
    Shank and Vanellope are racing against one another, when a different car suddenly out-speeds them. 
    "Woah, did you see that, Shank?!"
    "Interesting. Looks like we got some competition."

Allies for this Campaign would be Duke Caboom, Calhoun, and Quorra. Two of them feature vehicles - Calhoun also would fit in Shank’s game Slaughter Race.

Ralph - Fashionista’s Fixer-Upper
Disk Hologram:

  • My Only True Love now heals and cures all allies

  • +2012 Skill Power

  • Get Those Puppies! Stuns an additional 0.5 seconds. Stun time goes up by 0.5 seconds per Star.

    Cruella de Vil and Ralph are now Friends!
    Ralph is in the Fashion District, wondering if he can find any overalls to replace his ripped one, when he's suddenly accosted.
     "Ugh! What horrid little rags you're wearing there, darling! 
     "Whoa! Wh-wha-?!"
     "Men! Can't dress themselves no matter where I go! Reminds me of Roger..."
     "Hey lady, I don't know what-"
     "Come along! I haven't got all day, darling! To the seamstress' shop we go!"

Allies for this Campaign are Sally, Bo Peep, and Maleficent. They were chosen because of their different fashion styles - also, Sally is the only seamstress in town (that we know of anyway).

Sulley and Boo, Nick, and The Beast are other characters I considered, but I ran out of juice for them :rofl:

Here’s the skinny for what I considered - who knows, maybe I’ll come back to this some other time.

  1. Cruella chases after Sulley, wanting to make a fur coat out of him after she felt how soft his fur was. The Disk would boost My Only True Love’s healing by 2001, in addition to adding the Scare ailment to Get Those Puppies! for 1.0 seconds, with the time increasing by 0.5 per Star.
    I mean…

  2. Cruella wants a fox scarf, considering there are no minxes around the City, so she chases after Nick, only for Nick to eventually dupe her, even persuade (re: lie to) her that he’ll find something better for her to wear. Cruella gains 2016 Skill power, in addition to Wretched Pen! having a 10% chance to Charm enemies, with the percentage going up by 10 per Star. A 50% chance to Charm isn’t that OP, considering The Queen of Hearts’ Royal Highness, which has a 52% chance to convert Charms into healing instead, doesn’t activate as much as I would like it to.

  3. Either for another fur coat or for a rug before the hearth, Cruella stalks The Beast. Despite The Beast furiously roaring at Cruella, she is undeterred, of which concerns The Beast, considering even Gaston cowered away from him. Cruella gains 1991 Basic Damage, in addition to Wretched Pen! having a 20% chance to Silence enemies, with the percentage going up by 5 per Star.


2018 for Ralph Breaks the Internet’s original release date
2016 for Zootopia’s original release date
2012 from Wreck-It Ralph’s original release date
2001 from the original release date for Monster’s Inc.
2000 from 102 Dalmatians’ release date
1996 from the original release date of the live action version of 101 Dalmatians
1991 from the original release date for Beauty and the Beast
1956 from the original publication of Dodie Smith’s The Hundred and One Dalmatians which is what 101 Dalmatians was based off of
1961 from the original release date for 101 Dalmatians
101(1) from 101 Dalmatians

If there’s ever another classic villain to consider adding to the game, I hope Cruella de Vil is one of them @Polaris

Yay! So happy I have another concept finally finished!

If you liked this, consider checking out my other sets.


Snow White

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Stay tuned until next time we meet again.

Don’t forget it, or you just might regret it~ :wink:



Love it!
10 chars. :smile:


Awesome! Do you take request?

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Thanks! I haven’t taken requests before, but I guess I could give it a try. Just know in advance that I do take some time in creating concepts.

I make no promises other than I can try.

Who did you have in mind?

Cruella De Vil, “Card_Brigade” - Review

  1. Introduction :checkered_flag:
    •The large amount of GIFs help make the concept colorful and pleasant to look at. As always :slight_smile:
    •As far as I can see, perfect formatting and grammar.

  2. Hero Info :open_book:
    •Good quote.
    •Midline Damage is very fitting for the Skillset.

  3. Skillset :toolbox:
    •Always nice to see a basic attack that differs from the classic damage. Honestly, to fit her role more, I honestly think this would be fine if it dealt damage as well in addition to granting Cruella energy.
    •White skill is good. Good use of negation against enemy resistance to help make her more effective at dealing gradual damage.
    •There aren’t a lot of skills in current hero kits which can cleanse status ailments, so I find that that combined with a heal is very refreshing. Maybe to help maximize the usefulness of her passive “attack”, it could have a stacking mechanic, like “This skill heals 15% more for every 100 energy Cruella has gained from her white skill” to help synergize with her frequent energy gain.
    •The creativity is what I like especially for her blue. Good way to inflict Blind, which is becoming more common among newly added heroes (Goofy, Bo, Peter Pan)
    •I was waiting for her iconic car to come into play in the concept, and I was not disappointed!

  4. Disks :cd:
    •Very Good Disk selection.
    •One suggestion is this. Shank is a embodiment of toughness, but the disk just feels a bit too plain. so I fully agree with her friendship. Maybe to characterize “Get Those Puppies!” making a very strong slam on enemies, so maybe instead of granting Armor to teammates, maybe go with something more offensive, like taking away more Armor/lengthening the Armor reduction timer on Tank enemies, or something that helps highlight how dangerous Cruella is while driving.
    •Ralph Disk is great for Supportive qualities.

  5. Grading/Notes :memo:
    •I’ve never understood why 101 Dalmatians characters have been not as highly requested. You’ve certainly made a point that they have good enough combat potential to be added :+1:
    Concept Rubric
    •Introduction = 20%
    •Hero Info = 20%
    •Skillset/Disks = 50%
    •Grammar/Misc./Difficulty to Read = 10%
    Concept Grades
    •Introduction = 20/20
    •Hero Info = 20/20
    •Skillset/Disks = 45/50
    •Grammar/Misc./Difficulty to Read = 10/10

Final Grade: 95%



Well, I was hoping that if maybe if you can do Eeyore. I only got one friendship of him: Joy.

Joy and Eeyore: Sadness?

Story: Joy finds Eeyore sitting alone at the dock. She came closer to Eeyore and ask him what’s wrong. Eeyore say that he miss his friends and want to find them and be safe.

You like it? If not,then sorry. I try my best to get a story

This concept is good. Better than mine. I couldn’t help but notice how they share similarities, like the purple skill

@The_Spooky_Vizier :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Omg, I feel so honored with getting a thorough review of my character concept! Thank you so much for it! I’m happy to hear that you loved it, especially with the creativity with her skills :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And yeah, I wish 101 Dalmatians got more attention.

As for your suggestions, of which I agree with, should I add the changes here or back in the concept itself?

@Monarch_Mummy_V Yes, that is OK, and I don’t mind doing Eeyore, just know like I said before, that it will take a while before I can complete Eeyore.

@Filadae_Djaq Thank you! :relaxed: And whoa, that’s super crazy - I guess great minds think alike :wink:


That’s good to hear. Take your time

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