The Evil Queen - Character Concept Project

I know I said I would do Eclipsa Butterfly and then Cruella de Vil, but inspiration struck me when I was rewatching the transformation scene in Snow White.

At least you still get a queen of darkness, right?

Most if not all of the following gifs and pics were made by me via Giphy and Imgflip, in case anybody else would like to start making gifs for their own concepts - especially if you’re trying to find an exact scene that’ll fit, but you just can’t find it anywhere.

Special thanks as always to @Bossmama for always collaborating with me on character concepts.

The Evil Queen was initially built as a counter to Goofy, Alice, and Duke Caboom’s Speed boosting skills, but she later evolved into countering most if not all Support boosts. Anger from Inside Out funnily enough counters her since he’s immune to her skills.

Character Portrait:

Name: The Evil Queen
Star: :star2::star2::star2:
Role: Control
Position: Back
Trial Team: Yellow

Quote: “When she breaks the tender peel, to taste the apple in my hand, her breath will still, her blood congeal, then I’ll be fairest in the land!”

Bio: A cunning queen who dabbles in forbidden alchemy, she dominates the battlefield with an array of debilitating potions.

The Evil Queen’s stats would see her having decent HP, high Reality, and low Armor.
The low Armor is a reference to her demise where she gets crushed by a boulder after falling off a cliff.

High Reality and little to no Armor seems to be a trend amongst characters from fantasy movies like Maleficent, Sally and Sulley.

The Evil Queen marches onto the battlefield with her chalice (yes, I know the gifs used here has her holding a chest - use your imagination).
The Evil Queen raises her chalice, laughing, as a lightning bolt strikes it.
The Evil Queen transforms into the Old Hag.


White: Scheming Sovereign
Skill Picture: The Evil Queen’s chalice with her reflection.

Passive: Instead of having a regular attack, The Evil Queen brews different concoctions to inflict ailments. Her first mixture Blinds foes for 4 seconds, and Slows them down for 2 seconds. Her second mixture lowers their Armor and Reality by 250. Her third mixture Scares foes for 5 seconds.

The Evil Queen can only make concoctions every 10 seconds.

The ailments have a chance to fail on enemies higher than level 1.

  • The ailments are all based off of Black of Night, An Old Hag’s Cackle, and A Scream of Fright.

    • The Slow is from her hood - a hood like that must not be very easy to move in.
    • An Old Hag’s Cackle helped to age The Evil Queen’s voice - most people tend to become feeble once they grow old, hence the lowered defenses.
    • A Scream of Fright is pretty self-explanatory.

The Evil Queen consumes her potion, before a swirl of multicolored lights and bubbles cycle through the opponents.


Active: The Evil Queen employs treacherous sorcery to steal the opposing team’s buffs, distributing it to her allies.

Has a chance to fail on enemies higher than level 1.

Buffs usually include Shields, Invincibility, HP Regen (at least for the new hero, Rafiki) increased Attack/Defenses, etc.

Green: Polymerizing Fulmination
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Skill Picture:

Bio: The Evil Queen calls down wicked thunderbolts to strike 3 enemies, Front, Middle, and Back, dealing 1812 damage in addition to Slowing them down for 4 seconds. Enemies damaged by Polymerizing Fulmination will gain the “Poison Apple” status.

Enemies affected by “Poison Apple” will become Stunned for 6 seconds if they are struck by Fantastical attacks.

  • Paralysis stiffens the muscles, hence the Slow status. For anybody who’s ever played Pokemon, you’re probably already familiar with the Paralysis status :wink:.

Poison Apple Icon:

Fun fact, we originally also had another status for this skill, where enemies would be Stunned for 2 seconds on top of the Slow (because of electrocution), but I ultimately had to scrap it because of the Poison Apple status - you’ll see very soon why I scrapped Stun from this skill.

Blue: Tyrannical Tempest
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Skill Picture:

Bio: The Evil Queen summons a blast of wind to knock back the enemy ranks, damaging them for 1938.

Obviously, if this were to be in the game, the wind would be coming from the other direction, from the left.

It truly is a testament to her delightful wickedness, with how her follow-up attack not only knocks back enemies, but also Stuns 3 enemies right after her previous attack. :grin:

Purple: Volatile Vanity
Skill Picture: The Magic Mirror
Bio: Polymerizing Fulmination and Tyrannical Tempest now drain 400 HP and 50 Energy

Surprisingly this one didn’t have a lot of numbers for a change.

1938 - Disney’s Snow White
1812 - Grimm’s Snow White


Sally - A Potent Potion
Disk Hologram:

  • +1993 Skill Power

  • Polymerizing Fulmination and Tyrannical Tempest now deal 1000 damage over time.

    • Damage increased by +500 per Star.

As always, 1993 is for the original publication of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sally is out collecting ingredients for Dr. Finklestein, when she happens across The Evil Queen hunched over a cauldron. Curiosity piqued, she approaches the monarch.
    "Dip the apple into the brew. Let the Sleeping Death seep through!"
    "Oh! What a lovely apple! How ever did you manage to get that shade of green?"
    "Who goes there?!"
    "My name's Sally. Have you considered spicing up your apple with a little bit of deadly nightshade? It always puts the good doctor to sleep."
    "Deadly... nightshade...? Hmm, deadly nightshade... perhaps that is just what this needs... Apothecary! Show me this... deadly nightshade."

                        The Evil Queen and Sally are now Friends!
                              Friend Campaign Unlocked! 

I would do more dialogue, if it weren’t for the fact that most intro conversations aren’t that long.

Maleficent - Wicked Whimsy
Disk Hologram:

  • +1959 Skill Power

  • Polymerizing Fulmination and Tyrannical Tempest now Curse enemies for 6 seconds.

    • Volatile Vanity drains an additional 200 HP and 25 Energy. Each Star increases the amount drained by 50 and 5 respectively.

      The Evil Queen and Maleficent are now Friends!
    The Evil Queen and Maleficent meet up at a session of Bad-Anon hosted by Ralph.
         "Oh? How... interesting, that a queen truly worth her title would find herself in such a paltry communion."
         "I should say the same for a fairy fallen from grace!"
         "Hey ladies, can you keep it down? I know it's your first time here, but settle down please!"
                                    Friend Campaign Unlocked!

Here’s the story:

  • Takes place after Maleficent’s Friendship with Ursula

  • Vanellope tricked the both of them into coming into Bad-Anon under the guise that they would be able to form powerful alliances with other villains.

  • Both villains are disgruntled when they realize they’ve been had, until Ursula excitedly ditches Maleficent after she sees Hades - lampshaded by The Evil Queen who asks about Maleficent’s friend.

  • After their initial little spat, The Evil Queen and Maleficent would get along with each other, after Maleficent finds out, just like with Ursula, that The Evil Queen was struggling with princess problems of her own, especially when she finds out the The Evil Queen is dabbling in death magic.

  • Different villains would pop up or be mentioned throughout the campaign in trying to give advice to both ladies.

  • They eventually get busted again by Vanellope and Violet.

  • “Perhaps this communion of peasants wasn’t so bad after all.”

    • “Indeed, I never thought I would get such enjoyment plotting with another person.”

    • “Until our next meeting, I’ll take my leave, Your Majesty.”

    • “I look forward to it, Your Excellency.”

Also, for Maleficent’s first line of dialogue, she’s indirectly throwing shade at The Queen of Hearts, since she probably would not consider her to be actual royalty, much like Scar.

If The Evil Queen were to be considered for a character in the future, which, why wouldn’t she?, I hope this build will get some attention as it is the original villain who started it all, @Polaris

If you liked this set, consider checking out my other sets I did for Cinderella.

Until next time, see ya!

Update: the glitch has been fixed!


It is confirmed. You are my competition.

I really like this concept. Love it. It is just genious


Awsome skill set, just a few questions:

white skill: Is these Enhancements referring to Badge enhancements? Or something else??

If it is Enhancements, Then this skill wpuld be useless to those who do not enhance their badges (Like me)

Next,why does being struck by lightning give a Deadly Apple skill?

But above that, does this ailment mean they are stunned for eight seconds they are dealt Fantastic damage or just one time??

As always, great concept :grin:


:joy: I’m flattered!

Thank you, I’m happy to hear that you liked it!

I meant that she steals buffs and boosts (any Support skills, really) that the enemy team has, like Shields or Speed Boosts. I originally had “buffs and boosts,” but decided it didn’t sound so good, so I went off in search of a better synonym and found that. Sorry for the confusion.

I would edit it back in, however, for some reason, the edit reason for this post as well has disappeared; it’s starting to get a little disconcerting, considering my build for Lady Tremaine and Fairy Godmother still have the edit option. Do you know if this is a glitch or something? Or if there’s a solution for it?

Mmm, what I was thinking was that the final potion The Evil Queen had was a similar color to the liquid in her cauldron when she was creating the poisoned apple - both scenes were when she was finishing up a recipe, so I drew a link between it.

Perhaps it doesn’t make too much sense, however, Perblue could just run with it, taking liberties here and there - I mean, they did the same thing for Maleficent and her Fog of Doom - in the movie, it’s the fairy godmothers who put the entire kingdom to sleep, not Maleficent herself - her Fog of Doom was part of an incantation to summon a forest of thorns around King Stefan’s castle, to prevent Prince Philippe from reaching Aurora.

(Tia Dalma also somehow charms enemies with a thunderbolt, so… :man_shrugging:)

The “Poisoned Apple” ailment goes away either when they’ve been struck by a Fantastical attack, or if it gets cured by Flynn’s Power Cleanse. Also, they’re only Stunned for 6 seconds once they’ve been struck; the extra 2 seconds were scrapped in development in favor for the aforementioned 6 seconds.

And thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, I’m happy that you loved it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I do plan to do more, so stick around! :wink:

Just added one; hope you like it! :wink:


Oh my god…

This has to be the best concept I’ve ever seen
:hushed: it’s just so good I love the skills I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! I really really hope you do more! :grinning:


I see that you only have 1 friendship disk how about maleficent

Disk name: a Witch’s spell
Disk hologram: a cauldron

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