Fairy Godmother - Character Concept Project

Sorry it took so long, but apart from not having the time to get online, it was also a tough time coming up with skill names and skills that felt appropriate for Fairy Godmother - the Support skills in this game are admittedly a little dry to the point that it’s a little hard to come up with something original - but then again, some copycats already exist - take Rex and Ralph - they both have shouting attacks that Silence enemies (of course, Rex’s better), or healing skills for certain characters being Green like Barbossa’s Apple of Me Eye and Sulley’s Healing Laughter.

Well, enough of that - I’d like to thank my friend @Bossmama for helping me brainstorm ideas - I wouldn’t have gotten this far without her :grin:

Name: Fairy Godmother
Star: :star2::star2::star2:
Role: Support
Position: Back
Trial Team: Blue

Quote: “Nonsense, child. If you’d lost all your faith, I couldn’t be here. And here I am.”

(I chose this quote because A), it fits with her character, and B), to keep up the theme of hopeful quotes - see Robin Hood and Merlin’s bio for their quotes.)

Bio: A kindhearted maternal figure who grants wishes with a wave of her wand.

The second half of her bio was a reference to Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo - “With just a wave of my stick, and to finish the trick…”

One of the reasons I enjoyed creating a concept for Fairy Godmother, apart from the fact that the Blue Team has no healers whatsoever (Genie doesn’t count because he’s like Yax - he can only heal allies when his energy bar fills up, and even then, he doesn’t heal the entire team - he can’t even heal himself!), was because she was and still is one of my favorite characters growing up, as she reminded me of my own mother.


Entrance: Fairy Godmother shimmers into existence.

Victory: Fairy Godmother waves her wand a few times before disappearing.

Defeat: Fairy Godmother becomes aghast, frowning at the enemy team with her hands down. Exactly like the gif below (except faster).

(Some people might recommend using her pseudo-death scene from Cinderella 3, however I won’t do that because it’s pretty traumatic to see such a sweet figure get turned into stone. For those who don’t mind spoilers for Cinderella 3…

It’s alright - the spell on Fairy Godmother gets reversed after Lady Tremaine and Drizella get defeated.)

For her stats, I envisioned her as having high HP and great defenses - basically Miguel’s stats except better.

White: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
Skill Picture: Fairy Godmother’s wand


Passive: Instead of attacking at all, Fairy Godmother waves her wand every 5 seconds, healing the entire team for 1950 HP. In addition, Fairy Godmother is immune to status ailments.

Active: Fairy Godmother turns the enemy with the highest HP and Defenses into a Pumpkin for 12 seconds, cutting their defenses in half. Enemies turned into Pumpkins will be unable to activate their skills. When the spell wears off, the enemy will be Stunned for 3 seconds.

The concept behind this, is apart from being a tank-buster to compliment Merlin’s Teacher Pet, it was also to reflect some versions of Cinderella I read growing up - where Cinderella’s fairy godmother would tell her to fetch the biggest pumpkin she had in her garden - so biggest pumpkin = enemy with the highest HP and Defenses…

I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:

The beta concept we came up with, but I ultimately had to scrap, was this:

Fairy Godmother turns the entire enemy party into Pumpkins for 6 seconds, cutting their defense in half. Enemies will be Stunned when they revert.

I scrapped it during writing this because I realized cutting the entire enemy’s team’s defenses would be just a little too OP, even if it would be a great crowd control - and so I changed it to targeting just one enemy.

One thing to note, is that 12 seconds of Support isn’t too long if you look at Merlin’s Teacher’s Pet, which turns enemies with the highest basic damage into a Squirrel for 16 seconds, or at Goofy’s Skills - his White alone (i.e. boosting party members’ speed by 150%) lasts for 10 seconds; heck, his How to Goof’s Shield lasts for 18 seconds on top of giving him 30 Tenacity, 735 Armor and 703 Reality (How to Goof’s base stats at level 1, as I have not boosted Goofy at this time of writing) - so yeah, Fairy Godmother’s Special isn’t that game-breaking.

(Not hating on Goofy because I do like him, and yes, I know he’s a Tank.)

Also, we had her heal the team every 5 seconds to balance her out, since we first came up with every 3 seconds but realized that since she heals a large amount of HP (especially as you increase her skill), it would be too OP if she were constantly healing the team.

Her energy bar would have the same progression rate as Merlin or Alice (when she’s not Giant, in which her energy bar fills up like crazy because she’s damaging so many enemies at once) - a little faster than Ursula, but still slower than Maleficent.

Passive: Fairy Godmother holds her wand in her hands, waving it every now and then.


Green: Renewed Hope
Skill Picture: Fairy Godmother consoling Cinderella
Bio: Fairy Godmother now cleanses her team of debuffs whenever she waves her wand. In addition, the status Slow will be inverted.

Has a chance to fail on debuffs from enemies higher than level 1.

(So if your entire team is Slowed down from Olaf, Judy, Mad Hatter, Alice, etc., Fairy Godmother’s Renewed Hope will now speed up your entire team.)

This one had me scratching my head for a very long time because I couldn’t find a definitive list of what counted as a debuff, so here’s the skinny of what I’ve pooled:

Status ailments are also known as debuffs and disables - this was gathered from EVE’s Combat Efficiency and Flynn’s Power Cleanse. Ailments such as Stun, Blind, Freeze, Charm, and Silence all fall under this category.

As I have not used Flynn at all despite having him, I cannot say for certain if the Burn status from Barbossa’s Hot Shot and Hades’ Burning Rage count as debuffs that would have been cured from Flynn’s Power Cleanse.

One important thing to note is that the ailment Slow does not count as a disable - I’ve used The Mad Hatter’s Special Beat the Clock multiple times in Invasion during Breaker Fights, specifically the ones that say enemies are immune to disables, and his Special still Slowed down the enemies, hence why I was not sure what to categorize Slow under.

Blue: Heartful Wish
Skill Picture: Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage

Bio: Fairy Godmother now bestows a Shield to her allies with every second wave of her wand. The Shield has 1812 HP and lasts for 12 seconds. Allies Regen 1634 HP during the Shield’s duration.

Fairy Godmother will not cast another Shield if the previous Shield from before is still up.

Since Fairy Godmother waves her wand every 5 seconds, this skill would kick in every 10 seconds.

Purple: Stroke of Midnight
Skill Picture:

Bio: Fairy Godmother gains an additional 2015 HP.

Whenever Fairy Godmother activates Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, Fairy Godmother revives a random ally with full HP.

Has a chance to fail on allies higher than level 41.

Animation: A cloud of sparkling lights appears over where the ally’s Position is (e.g. the cloud would appear at the front if she’s reviving Jack Sparrow, Quorra, or Olaf) before the character reappears, walking forward.

(All I’m saying, is if they can animate characters reverting out of Genie’s Makeover and walking forward after that, they can do the same with Fairy Godmother - I should think a few sparkles wouldn’t be that difficult to animate.)

Beta/Scrapped: Enemies turned into Pumpkins from Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo will now take 1200 Fantastic Damage when they revert.

The numbers used in Bibbidi-Bobbiddi-Boo, Heartful Wish, and Stroke of Midnight all correlate into different years for Cinderella.

2015 - Disney’s Live-Action Cinderella
1950 - Disney’s Animated Cinderella
1812 - Grimm’s Cinderella
1634 - Giambattista Basile’s Cinderella; AKA Cinderella’s first official literary publication

Fairy Godmother’s Friendships were definitely a lot easier to do, since there are two existing characters who share similar roles and skills to her :grin: (and yes, I know, both Merlin and Genie are Control, not Support).

Merlin - Prestidigitation

+1963 Skill Power (Sword in the Stone’s release date)
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo now targets 2 enemies with the highest HP and Defenses.

Any stat boosts the enemies have will be inverted. Chances for activation dependent on Stars

This Friend Campaign would focus on Merlin and Fairy Godmother swapping spells from their magical repertoire as well as stories of looking after their wards.

Some people might say this is a just a tad OP, however, I would like to provide a little anecdote: there was this one time during Invasion where I was squaring off against Merlin - long story short, he used his Special, and instead of turning just one of my party members into Squirrels, he turned TWO of my party members into Squirrels. It was surprising yes, but it wasn’t that bad - none of my members got KOed and I still prevailed. :grin:

(Also Calhoun’s Disk has two effects, so I figured, why not this Friend Disk as well?)

Genie - Dreams Do Come True

+1992 Skill Power (The original Aladdin’s release date)
Heartful Wish instantly heals allies for 250 HP

Heartful Wish now bestows allies with 5 seconds of Invincibility once the Shield wears off. Chance for activation dependent on Stars

Note: The Regen is still present during Heartful Wish.

For this Campaign, Genie and Fairy Godmother would bond over their shared roles of granting wishes - heck, it would probably be emotional like Bogo and Mr Incredible’s Quest (I still remember feeling sad when Mr Incredible said he felt as if being himself was a crime because of how stringent the laws were in his town). I think what would make it awesome is if they started talking about what it really means to be happy and if they themselves could be happy

For people who will say that giving her Skill Power twice is redundant, just take a look at Elastigirl’s Friend Disks - both of them give her Skill Power so :smirk:

As much as I hate to say it, both Campaigns would be Hard. Merlin’s Friendship would be unlocked somewhere in levels 80-90, and Genie’s would be unlocked somewhere in levels 90-100.

Hey @Polaris, I hope you get a chance to check this out someday - I think Fairy Godmother could be a really great Support character.

I have another set I’ll upload hopefully today, if not sometime this week. But for now, here’s a not so subtle hint as to which characters I’m going to do in the future: they’re ladies with a very dark aesthetic. :wink:

Not so subtle hints 2 and 3:

If you liked this set, please leave a like and comment below. Any suggestions or ideas? Feel free to share them as well :blush:

If you would like to see more, here’s another build I did a while ago for Lady Tremaine.


'Til next time, see ya! :blush:


Wow just wow :open_mouth: an amazing concept I can’t wait to see Mary Poppins? And Cruella?

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Great concept, very in-depth

Looking forward to your Eclipsa and Cruella!

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What a great concept fun to read just like Kinokans your great at making concepts I’m excited to see more of your work!:grin:

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Your concepts are good enough to be in-game heroes.

I love her dynamic and function. I feel like it’s fitting for her, as she’s a very peaceful and kind character. Her white skill is really iconic, but also realistic in terms of being an in-game skill, which can also be said for the rest of the move set. Keep up the good work!


Good concept bippity bopity boo!:joy:

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Thank you, I’m glad you liked it :blush: The characters in the gifs are Queen Eclipsa, from Star vs the Forces of Evil, and, you guessed it, Cruella.

Thank you :smiley: I hope to get Eclipsa and Cruella up soon right after my other build which’ll hopefully be uploaded today.

I wasn’t sure who @Kinokan was when I read your post, so I went to check them out, and I have to say, honestly, I’m happy to hear that my concepts were easy and fun to read like theirs :relaxed:

Thank you so much! I’m pleased to hear that all the concepts were great and realistic enough, considering that was one of the issues @Bossmama and I had to wrestle with for a while :grin:

@Bossmama and I spent a long time trading ideas back and forth to make a realistic build for characters should they ever get into this game, so I’m happy to hear that all the time and effort that went into constructing Fairy Godmother paid off. The hardest parts about these concepts is coming up with good names and skills that are unique, but at the same time not necessarily a blatant copycat of another character

Thanks lol

Thank you and I’ll try to work on that :wink:


Noice concept, however, I could do with a little less of ypu defending yourself :wink:

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