Eclipsa Butterfly - Character Concept Project

Please note for people who haven’t seen it yet, there are MAJOR SPOILERS FOR STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL! Especially for Seasons 2-3!

Turn away if you haven’t seen SVTFOE yet, or intend to do so in the future.

You’ve been warned.

Most gifs and pictures seen here were made by me - those not made by me were gotten either from Tumblr, Twitter, or from links on Google Images.

This concept took a bit of time to make, since I had to do it on my own - @Bossmama hasn’t seen SVTFOE at all.


Character Portrait:
Name: Eclipsa Butterfly
Star: :star2::star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Back
Trial Team: Blue
Alternate Costume: Her pajamaseclipsa%20ignoring%20moon%20lmaooo

Quote: “I did what I had to do for me. If the Magic High Commission and your mother think that’s evil, call me a villainess.” / “All knowledge is good knowledge, my dear.” / “Well, when a queen and a monster love each other very much…”

All three quotes fit her character very much, so I included them all - honestly, any of these could get into the game and I’d be happy with whatever quote they chose. (Though I must admit I have a bit of bias in favor for the first quote :joy:)

Bio: A free-spirited individual who strums along to her own tune.

Decided to do something special for Eclipsa, so I changed up the good old “marching to beat of their own drum” idiom.

Ever since I got inspiration to do Eclipsa, I envisioned her as being a Fantastical version of Merida :relaxed:

Technically Quorra and Ducky and Bunny have already filled that role, however I wanted another heavy hitting Fantastical character who wasn’t positioned at the Front.

Eclipsa’s stats would see her having decent HP, decent Armor, and great Reality.

Her energy bar would fill up Medium-Slow, like Tia Dalma/Ursula/Alice (before she grows Enormous)

I envisioned her as being a great counter to Joy, who really lives up to her name of being the 2nd Miguel - on top of being a pretty reliable healer, she also practically makes her team invincible if your own team’s heavy hitters rely on Fantastical attacks - even more so if she has Olaf’s Friend Disk, which enables her to grant her allies Armor as well.


Entrance: Eclipsa flies into battle with her parasol
Basic Attack: Eclipsa swings her parasol, sending a wave of magical energy towards the enemy.
Victory: Eclipsa plays her guitar
Defeat: Eclipsa falls to her knees, shedding a few tears.


White: Black Velvet Inferno
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Skill Picture:
Bio: Eclipsa casts a powerful spell on the enemy with the highest basic attack and skill power, dealing 2938 damage.

Enemies struck by Black Velvet Inferno will have their stats halved for 9 seconds, in addition to being Cursed for 7 seconds.

The stat decrease and Curse has a chance to fail on enemies higher than level 1.

Green: Midnight Shriek
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Skill Picture:
Bio: Eclipsa concentrates for a few seconds, before unleashing a dark magical blast that deals 1130 damage to all enemies.

Enemies struck by Midnight Shriek will be Cursed for 5 seconds.


Blue: B-4! B-4! B-4!
Skill Picture:

Bio: Eclipsa munches on a candy bar, healing herself for 2016 HP, as well as granting her 125 energy, 300 Armor and 150 Reality.
eclipsa%20lol eclipsa%20omg%20lmaooo

Purple: All-Seeing Eye
Skill Picture:

Bio: Eclipsa’s unparalleled prowess in black sorcery greatly frightens her target, reducing their Reality by 100 for 20 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

Every 3 times an enemy’s Reality is reduced from any source, Black Velvet Inferno and Midnight Shriek powers up by 200.

In addition, Eclipsa is now immune to all disables except Freeze. The immunity has a chance to fail on disables from enemies higher than level 41.

Numbers used:

  1. 2938 comes from Eclipsa being both the 29th and 38th queen of Mewni.

  2. 2016 is from Into the Wand’s original air date, the episode in which we were first introduced to Eclipsa.

  3. 1130 comes from combining Into the Wand’s air date + episode number (November 7 AKA 11/07 OR 1107 - from there, I added 23 to it)

  4. 300 is from her age - yes, she looks pretty good for someone who’s over 300 years old, huh?

  5. 9 is from 280 days/40 weeks/9 months, of which is how long the average pregnancy lasts


Sulley and Boo - Monster Love
Disk Hologram:

  • +2001 Skill Power

  • Black Velvet Inferno now steals the target’s buffs.

  • B-4! B-4! B-4! now shares energy and stat increases with the party.

    • Eclipsa now gains +125 Critical damage. Damage increases per Star.

2001 is Monster’s Inc. original release date.

Eclipsa and Sulley and Boo are now Friends!

  Sulley is trying to comfort a crying Boo, when a mysterious woman swoops in.
             "Shh, shh, shh... Dark is the hall beyond the pitch ♪ ♪ Oh, where could there be light? ♪ ♪ Not up nor down but three steps round ♪ ♪ Two doors down!♪ ♪ Her torch shall steer you right!"
             "There we are now! No more tears, only smiles!"
             "Thank you for calming her down, Ms...?"
             "Thank you, Ms. Eclipsa."
             "Oh, just Eclispa will do, darling."

                                               Friend Campaign Unlocked!

The story would revolve around Eclipsa and Sulley bonding over monsters and their own respective children.

  • “It fills my heart with so much joy to see that monsters aren’t scrutinized here in this land.”
    “Are they looked down upon where you’re from?”
    “Unfortunately so…”

  • “No matter what you may think Sulley or what other people will tell you, you are a great parent to Boo. You’ve already done a very good job with her. I only wish I could say the same for me…”
    “You have… kids?”
    “A daughter. But we were forcibly separated by the High Commission when they froze me and my husband, simply because our union was forbidden… I can only wonder if she would have been like Boo… had I had the chance to raise her…”

Whoo! Another concept finished! And for my favorite character from Star vs the Forces of Evil too! :relaxed:

I think since it’s been a while since the finale for SVTFOE ended, Eclipsa would be a great candidate from the series, aside from of course, the titular protagonist herself Star Butterfly, to come into the game @Polaris.

If you liked this concept, consider checking out my other builds! I have three done for Cinderella, and one for The Evil Queen from Snow White.

And until next time we meet again, stay wretched, darlings :wink:


Snow White


Oh gosh… why not all concepts look like this? This is gorgeous! :wink:

2nd friendship?


Thank you, I’m glad to hear that you liked my build for Eclispa :relaxed:

Any suggestions for a friendship?

How about Eclipsa’s second friendship with vanellope since she likes candy or Merlin because they both do magic

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