Cinderella - Character Concept Project

Here she is, world! Here she is, boys!

Here’s Cinderella!


Name: Cinderella
Star: :star2::star2::star2:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial Team: Blue

Quote: “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

Bio: Dreaming of a life far away from the attic, Cinderella dreams of dancing the night away. From the stroke of midnight to her elegant slippers, Cinderella takes on the battlefield as a dreamer of love.

Cinderella’s stats would see her having good HP, good Armor, and decent Reality (taken from my Alice’s stats at P4 - she has high Armor, 2270, but very low Reality, 150).

As always, I would like to thank @Bossmama for helping me work through many ideas, especially the bio, of which is hers entirely :relaxed:

Cinderella was chosen to be a Tank with some Support qualities, rather than just being pure Support, because of her major resilience in surviving an abusive household (also there wasn’t much we could give her compared to Fairy Godmother). For further reading, please refer to the following links:

Skip to the section titled “In defense of Cinderella” with Control+F (or Command+F if you have a different computer)

Dress Destruction Disaster I think the scene in which Drizella and Anastasia tear up Cinderella’s dress is one of the most, if not the most, dramatic, and even one of the most psychologically...

For a change of pace, the skills will be up here first.


White: A Dream is a Wish
Skill Picture/Animation:
Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, Cinderella sings a comforting, sleepy tune, Slowing the enemy team down by 40%.
Active: With her Fairy Godmother’s help, Cinderella transforms into her ballgown for 12 seconds, healing herself for 1950 HP. All enemies now fall asleep, becoming Stunned for 5 seconds.

While transformed, Cinderella gains 40 Evasion, 1812 Armor and 1634 Reality.

The Slow and Stun have a chance to fail on enemies higher than level 1.

  • When you’re drowsy, you feel sluggish, hence the Slow status.

The Drowsy/Sleep status from other games are classified as Stun in this game, as seen with Maleficent’s Fog of Doom - Maleficent places a sleeping spell on all enemies, stunning them for 5 seconds.

How her singing would work is simple - they already have music notes and music lines from Miguel, so perhaps they could also give that to Cinderella, except instead of coloring the music notes as red (for Miguel’s Flatten), they could color it white or blue to fit in with Cinderella’s ballgown.

The bio for this skill was inspired by Olaf, Miguel, Megara, Hercules, and Goofy’s White Skill bios.

  • Olaf - Self Heal Special
  • Miguel - Using music to Slow enemies down - similar Specials (i.e. if an enemy has Red Notes above their head from Miguel’s Flatten when Miguel uses his Special Crescendo, that enemy will be Stunned for 6 seconds)
  • Megara - No basic attack, but still having an attack in her Blue Skill, Silence is Golden
  • Hercules - Self Heal Special as well - he also appeals to Zeus for aid, while Cinderella gets help from her Fairy Godmother (both figures are not seen in the skill’s activation)
  • Goofy - His How to Goof gives him Tenacity, Armor and Reality.

Her energy bar will also have the same progression rate as Olaf and Hercules - Medium Slow.

Green: Sing Sweet Nightingale
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Skill Picture/Animation:
Bio: Cinderella whips out her cleaning rag, sending a spray of bubbles to the enemies, dealing 1697 damage as well as Blinding them for 7 seconds.

The Blind has a chance to fail on enemies higher than level 1.

Basically another version of Bogo’s Blinding Justice.

Blue: Final Waltz
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Skill Picture/Animation:
Cinderella%20twirling cinderella%20spinning
Bio: When Cinderella activates A Dream is a Wish, she now spins towards the enemy team, dealing 1988 damage.

Purple: So This is Love
Skill Picture:
(Note - despite the gif, there is no animation for this Skill.)

Bio: Cinderella gains an additional 1957 HP

When Cinderella activates A Dream is a Wish, she now also heals her team for 1997 HP

Has a reduced effect on allies higher than level 41.


Cinderella simply walks in.
Victory (not transformed):
Cinderella fixes her hair as she stares into a bubble, before gently blowing it away.
Victory (transformed):
Cinderella adjusts her dress.
Defeat (not transformed):
Cinderella shakes her head before throwing her rag down.
Defeat (transformed):
Cinderella’s ballgown disappears, leaving her in a torn dress as she looks on in disbelief.

The only other character at this time of writing who has two different defeat animations in the game is Alice, one for when she’s Enormous, one for when she’s not Enormous.

As always, most of the numbers used here correspond to different publications of Cinderella.

1997 - Disney’s remake of Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella with a racially diverse cast (Brandy and Whitney Houston anybody?)
1988 - Into the Wood’s debut - Cinderella was one of the fairy tale characters in the story.
1950 - Disney’s Animated Cinderella
1957 - Rodger and Hammerstein’s first live-action adaption of Cinderella
1812 - Grimm’s Cinderella
1697 - Perrault’s Cinderella (aka the first version that had a pumpkin carriage, fairy godmother and animal friends)
1634 - Giambattista Basile’s Cinderella; AKA Cinderella’s first official literary publication


Sally - A Change of a Dress

+1993 Reality (The Nightmare before Christmas’ debut)

A Dream is a Wish will now also Regen 800 HP

The amount Regenerated goes up depending on how many Stars you have.

In this Campaign, Sally and Cinderella would bond over sewing clothes, shared wonders and fantasies, as well as adjusting to a whole new world (lol) in the City. By the end of the Campaign, Sally will have sewn a new dress for Cinderella - possibly even mending the torn one that belonged to her mother!

Yeah, let’s go with that - Sally surprises Cinderella by giving her a fully mended version of the dress her mother wore (which unfortunately got torn apart by Cinderella’s stepsisters).

The mended dress would be the still image projected from the Disk.

Also, as much as I love the clever wordplay, I must give credit where credit is due - I did not come up with the name - I actually got it from an episode in, I think, the 3rd season of Grace and Frankie, which is an awesome show that I highly recommend watching.

Goofy - Dancing Lessons

+1932 Armor (Goofy’s debut)

Final Waltz deals an additional 700 damage

In this Campaign, Goofy and Cinderella would bond over their different dancing styles, trying to teach each other their dances - Cinderella with her ballroom waltz, and Goofy with his smooth disco moves (lol).

The projected image for this Disk would probably be one glass slipper and one boot, because of both characters’ footwear.

Both Disks would probably be locked somewhere between levels 70-94.

Fun fact, I actually came up with a concept for Elastigirl, where Elastigirl and Cinderella would have a friendship campaign similar to hers and Vanellope, where Elastigirl tries to mother Vanellope, or with her and Merida (who also fills a similar motherly role), but in the end I couldn’t come up with anything - aside from Cinderella maybe getting some closure since both of her parents passed away.

@Polaris, if you’re interested in what characters to put in the game after Toy Story 4 and Inside Out, maybe this build along with the other two I’ve done may be a good place to look into.

Yay! I’ve finally completed Cinderella with the titular protagonist herself :relaxed:

If these builds have made you nostalgic for Cinderella, Vimeo has it on their website for free along with a few other DIsney films (and by few I mean like 3).

Now, for next time, from Star vs the Forces of Evil, it’s onto everybody’s favorite Queen of Darkness, Eclipsa Butterfly
eclipsa%20lol eclipsa%20lmaooo eclipsa%20omg%20lmaooo

If you liked this set, please leave a like and comment below. Any suggestions or ideas? Feel free to share them as well :relaxed:

If you would like to see some other builds I’ve done, here are some links:

'Til next time, see ya! :grin:


I loved it very much. Great job on writing this concept! I’m convinced by the reason you stated on why she is a tank.


Idk about this one. Thhis one feels kinda flat imo, like it is missing something, I just cannot figure out wjat it could be missing…


Um… I don’t see or feel anything missing. Maybe Olaf could find that missing part.


this actually sounds really good, hope pur bule and disney make this true


White attack should be rat attack…
Man love shrek totally changed Cinderella

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Omg, thank you so much! I’m very happy to hear that you loved my Cinderella concept! :grin: out of the two other builds I’ve done so far, Cinderella definitely was the hardest one to do, since @Bossmama and I were having trouble with coming up with a set that would work in the game, while also staying true to her character.

What’s missing is my usual commentary on the thought process going into the concept, not that I could edit it in anymore since the editing option for this thread is strangely absent.

In any case, the set fits Cinderella, it’s very detailed, and it has so much more going for it, than, shall we say, throwing Frozone around for no reason and entering her castle when she’s defeated, if you catch my drift.

You said it :grin:

Thank you! I too hope PerBlue makes Cinderella into a good character - it would be a dream come true if they were to choose mine, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.

:man_shrugging: I can dream, right?

Yeah, this isn’t the place for that, considering Cinderella isn’t the kind of character to sic creatures upon people.

Also, this isn’t Dreamworks - it’s Disney.

Not to discount what you said, but that is the only time ever Cinderella has actively commanded her friends to do something of that nature, mainly because she saw a real chance of escaping.

Even in the sequels, she doesn’t ask her animal friends to attack people - steal objects, at least in relation to Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time, yes, but again, not attacking people.

To put it in perspective, going back to Hades’ comment, if you’ve ever seen Shrek 3 and seen the princesses storming the castle, you’ll see Snow White commanding animals to actively attack guards. Cinderella hasn’t done anything like that after she pleaded for Bruno to scare off Lucifer.

Not that I do not agree, but she did tell the birds to “Get Bruno!” Who then proceeds to chase Lucifer away. …soooooo