Imelda & Pepita Concept (#76)

Imelda & Pepita



Description: As the wife of Hector Rivera, Imelda once shunned the notion of music in the Rivera familyline, but has since then changed her viewpoint over time. With the help of her trusted alebrije Pepita, and her marigold petals, Imelda will do anything to protect and defend her allies.

Quote: “I want nothing to do with you! Not in life, not in death!"

Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack: Imelda smacks the closest enemy with her boot.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Pepita flies down onto the battlefield with Imelda jumping down her.

Victory: Imelda scratches Pepita as she purrs.

Defeat: Imelda glares at the enemyline as Pepita looks down.


White Skill:
“Roar of the Alebrije”
Pepita does a mighty roar, dealing X damage to all enemies and scaring them for 7 seconds. All allies will also gain X Max HP. The scare will have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Green Skill:
“Marigold Petal Patch”
Imelda pulls out a Marigold Petal and passes it onto the ally with the least Max HP, healing them for X HP, and giving them invincibility for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill:
“La Llorona”
Imelda sings to her allies, gaining X reality, and a shield of X HP. and giving her allies 2 stacks of hardy. The hardy application has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill:
“A Hardened Matriarch”
Imelda and her allies gain X reality negation every 5 seconds of combat. The reality negation increase has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red Skill:
“Alebrije Partnership”
When an enemy is scared, Imelda and her allies have their skill power and Max HP increased by X. Also, when an ally is 1 HP, Marigold Petal Patch will be instantly used to revive them and heal them for X HP.

  • +X Healing from Marigold Petal Patch
  • +X Max HP
  • +X Reality

Hector Rivera


Disk Name: “Skeletal Symphony”
Disk Effect: Fantastic Damage Reduction
Other Effects:

  1. For the first 15 seconds Imelda and her allies have a damage reduction from 10% of all fantastic damage. (+10% per star level)
  2. +X Max HP
  3. +X Reality Negation

Campaign: (Imelda is happy to see Hector well and alive {For a skeleton at least} in the city again and the two have a fun plan to celebrate their reunion. With a concert on the way, Hector and Imelda decide to do a duet together, with Imelda as vocals, and Hector on the guitar.)
Allies: Miguel Rivera, Dante, DT17 Gosalyn



Disk Name: “Shoes Made for Walkin”
Disk Effect: Enemies with Reflect are Stunned
Other Effects:

  1. Once per wave, when an enemy attempts to gain reflect, they will instead be stunned for 2 seconds (+1 second per star level)
  2. +X Skill Power
  3. +X Reality

Campaign: (Cinderella and Imelda have both broke their slippers and boot respectively and they bond over each other of how important it is to both of them. Thankfully, Miguel’s family works well in the shoe making business, and even have the material to make some makeshift slippers.)
Allies: Kuzco, Colette, Aladdin


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