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Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Entrance: Mowgli jumps out of a tree into his position.
Victory: Mowgli dances.
Defeat: Mowgli gets angry.

Quote: ‘‘I’m a lot tougher than some people think.’’

Basic Attack: Mowgli punches nearest enemies.

White Skill: Fight Like A Bear :fist:
Mowgli cleanses himself and enters a Fighting Stance, always staying in melee range of the nearest enemy in this stance while punching his targets, if enemies become out of range he will move forward to the nearest enemy. Mowgli deals X Normal Damage each time he punches the nearest enemies. While in this stance, Mowgli is immune to Debuffs and Knockbacks and absorbs all projectiles that would pass him.

Mowgli takes 85% reduced damage in this stance, while his allies gain X Armor and Reality.

Mowgli stays in the Fighting Stance for 8 seconds and doesn’t gain energy during this.

Green skill: Red Flower :sparkles:
Mowgli pulls out a branch with active fire and waves it around the nearest enemies, removing all active buffs from enemies, immediately dealing X Fantastic damage, and then additional X True Damage over 8 seconds. Enemies hit additionally are applied with 5 stacks of Weakness, also Blinding and Silencing them for 10 seconds.

old version of blue skill

Blue Skill: Strong Punch :fist:
Mowgli performs a special punch which deals to nearby enemies X Normal Damage and bonus X Fantastic Damage, knocks them back, and stunning them for 10 seconds.

This punch resets the durations of all active Debuffs on enemies hit.

Blue Skill: Wolf Pack Call :fist:
Mowgli calls his family wolf pack, the wolves run through enemies, dealing X Normal Damage, knocking them back, and Limiting them for 10 seconds.

Mowgli and his allies are healed by 50% of the total damage dealt by this skill and are cleansed.

Purple Skill: Jungle Boy
Every 6 seconds, Mowgli cleanses himself and gains 4 stacks of Hardy. If Mowgli had no active Debuffs, he instead gains 8 stacks of Hardy and X Basic Damage and Skill Power, and cleanses allies.

In both scenarios, Mowgli heals himself X HP and gains for the remainder of the wave X Armor and X Reality.

Red Skill: Man-Cub
100% of the energy Mowgli would get in his fighting stance is now given to his allies, additionally, allies also become immune to knockbacks.

When Mowgli uses ‘‘Red Flower’’, the cooldown of ‘‘Strong Punch’’/’‘Wolf Pack Call’’ is reset to 0.

While Mowgli is below 65% of his Max HP, Mowgli and his allies take 50% reduced damage.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Max HP
+X Tenacity


Bagheera - Survival of The City

Enemies with DoT are Weakened

  • Mowgli’s Basic Attacks deal additionally X Fantastic Damage over 5 seconds
  • Enemies with DoT lose X Reality
  • +X BD to Mowgli and allies
  • +X Evasion to Mowgli and allies
  • Enemies with DoT have reduced Basic Damage by 15% (+15% per star)
  • Enemies with DoT have reduced Attack and Movement Speed by 15% (+15% per star)

Winnie the Pooh - Honey Hunt

Fighting Stance Buffs Allies

  • +X Max HP to Mowgli and allies
  • +X SP to Mowgli and allies
  • +1000 Starting Energy
  • While Mowgli is in Fighting Stance, all allies have their Attack and Movement Speed increased by 20% (+20% per star)
  • While Mowgli is in Fighting Stance, all allies gain 20 energy every second (+20 per star)

Nice very nice :slightly_smiling_face::+1::heart: (if I would have made something like this I would’ve made Mowgli and Baloo friends that’s what I would have done. Still very nice though)

That’s just too simply.

And Bagheera needs more friends.

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Alright and I do like it :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Added a new version of blue skill.

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Do you have a topic with all your concepts? @Musketeer

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