Update 1.13.2 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.13.2

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.13.2 Update! This release features even more dastardly villains like the devious Captain Hook from Disney’s Peter Pan and the slithery Randall Boggs from Disney and Pixar’s Monsters Inc.! Also in this release is Recommended Mods, more Invasion quick fights, new Collections, more additions to Guild Aid, and more!


Captain Hook

Captain Hook is a front-line “Control” character. Captain Hook will be available as the November Sign-In Hero on Servers 1-15.


Cold Steel
Captain Hook begins dueling with enemies, becoming invulnerable to damage. While dueling, Hook will block each melee attack and counter, dealing damage to nearby enemies each time he counterattacks.

Captain Hook swipes at the closest enemy with his infamous hook, dealing damage and sapping them for X seconds. Sapped enemies gain 50% less energy from all sources.

Map Study
Captain Hook studies all enemies and reduces their armor.

A Pirate’s Life
Whenever Captain Hook damages a studied enemy, he gains energy.


  • Captain Hook and Peter Pan
  • Captain Hook and Captain Hector Barbossa

Randall Boggs

Randall Boggs is a front-line “Damage” character. Randall Boggs will be available in Diamond Crate on Servers 1-15.


Scream Selection
The player chooses an enemy for Randall to invisibly crawl toward. He then becomes visible, dealing damage to the chosen target, and scaring nearby enemies. When playing on auto, Randall chooses the enemy with the most HP.

Disappearing Act
Randall begins each wave camouflaged, becoming invisible for the beginning of each wave and receiving less damage from all sources while invisible. While invisible, Randall is untargetable.

Monster Punch
Randall dodges a melee attack and counter attacks, dealing damage. Randall can only dodge an attack once every few seconds.

Color Changer
Once per battle, when Randall reaches 0 HP, he revives and heals himself. After reviving, Randall becomes invisible. Randall also deals more damage to scared enemies.

Winds of Change (Server 1 only)
While invisible, Randall’s attack and movement speed are increased. When Randall takes more than a percentage of his max HP as damage in a single attack, he goes invisible for a few seconds.


  • Randall Boggs and Yzma
  • Randall Boggs and Gaston

If you’ve been left scratching your head wondering how best to use all of those great Mods that you’ve been earning from Invasion, then the new Recommended Mods feature is just for you!

Staring with our 1.13.2 update, you’ll now see a new “Recommend” button on your hero’s Mod summary screen. Tapping that button will take you to the Recommended Mods screen.

On the Recommended Mods screen, you can see a suggested recommendation of mods for that hero. The recommendations are made based on your current inventory of mods that aren’t equipped or attuned to other heroes. Only upgrades to your currently equipped mods will be recommended.

If you’re looking for a suggestion of what the best overall mods in the game are for a hero, make sure to tap the “Best Possible” info button. Recommendations will try to steer you towards the Best Possible mods for that hero when it can, but if you have a mod that’s considerably more powerful than a lower powered Best Possible mod, it will still recommend the mod with the higher power. Be sure to check back from time to time as the Best Possible mods for each hero can change as new heroes are introduced.

Finally, if you’re satisfied with the mods being recommended for your hero, just tap the “Equip Mods” button and they’ll be automatically equipped all at once. Just remember, if you change your mind you can always change your individual mods afterwards on the Mods tab by tapping on any of them.

Mega Daily Deal

  • We’re introducing a new set of daily deals in this release called “Mega Daily Deals”.
    • The new Mega Daily Deals will award you not only more diamonds and VIP Rings instantly but also increase the number of diamonds you get each day up to 400!
    • These new deals start at $9.99 and will only be available on servers 3, 9, 11 and 19 for now.
  • Make sure to check them out by tapping on your Diamonds icon and the Mega Daily Deals panel.

Other Improvements

  • In Invasion, Quick Fights are being opened up so that they will always be available to use, allowing you to blast through Invasion faster than ever.
    • Guild Perk Quick Fight stay at the current cost of 10 Invasion Stamina. After that, to continue using Quick Fight adds a +2 Invasion Stamina cost to the battle cost (resulting in 12 Stamina to Quick Fight).
    • Since there’s only so much Invasion Stamina you can acquire per Invasion, you will now be able to exchange regular Stamina items for Invasion Stamina.
      • One regular Stamina item will be able to be converted into 30 Invasion Stamina. Premium Stamina Items can be converted into 33 Invasion Stamina.
      • You can convert regular Stamina items into Invasion Stamina on the “Get More Invasion Stamina” screen.
  • More Collections! Introducing the new Healers Collection and Wreck-It Ralph Collection
    • In addition to these new Collections, Tier 3 will be opening in the Collection Shop
  • We’ve made several improvements to the Guild Aid feature:
    • Requests that you’ve already donated to will sort to the bottom of the list.
    • Whenever a donation request is made, an auto-generated message will alert the guild chat.
    • When you’ve donated to a guild mate’s request, the donate button will be replaced with a “thank you”.
    • If you don’t have enough of a resource to donate to a request and you tap to donate, an updated error will tell you that you do not possess the necessary funds.
    • The Hero Help XP request button now visually updates when you pass the cap while the request help button is active.
  • On Server 2: New Daily Gacha rotation in the form of the Team and Role Crates!
    • You’ve seen the new Team and Roll crates on-and-off in events; now enjoy them every day on a set rotation!
      • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday feature Red, Yellow, and Blue heroes respectively.
      • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday feature Control, Support, Damage, and Tank heroes respectively.
  • Added a “more in…” timer for City Watch resets on the “choose a difficulty” screen for City Watch.
  • Added more Raiding Guild Perks for Creep Surge
  • Retroactively added a new War Poster for September themed after Disney’s Big Hero 6.
  • Improved performance in City Watch, Creep Surge, and on the detailed hero list view.
  • Now offering new IAP price points for $14.99 and $34.99. Both new IAPs will be eligible for the First Ever Purchase deal and the Limited Time Offer deal.
    • $14.99 will include 1100 diamonds and 450 VIP tickets.
    • $34.99 will include 2700 diamonds and 1050 VIP tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few issues with purchase flow and experience that players have been reporting:
    • Deals will now leave the Events screen immediately after purchase.
      • Previously, players reported that some deals would stick around and allow itself to be purchased again even though the purchase limit has been met.
    • The time of a purchase now matches with purchase logs
      • This fix will help our Support team work with players when there are discrepancies with which rewards are received from which purchases.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Perk for double drops in campaigns was showing quadruple drops instead of double.
  • Fixed an issue where the Double Drops indicator was missing on Elite Raid All results.
  • Fixed an issue where the hero XP bar would become out of sync when leveling up when you held down an XP button.
  • Fixed an issue where the Power Crafting screen was missing the Double Hero XP emblem when you were using a Double Hero XP item.
  • Fixed an issue where heroes were sometimes not marked as KO-ed if you lost a Breaker Quick Fight.
  • Added Gonzo to the Shield Collection.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Tactician rank abilities list did not match everywhere in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where VFX on mods obtained from chest are on top of the mod icon instead of behind it.
  • Fixed an issue where a tutorial arrow was missing from Invasion Wards.
  • Fixed an issue where the timer would show the incorrect time remaining for Premium Stamina.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes moving out of crates will appear in the Elite Campaign.

Servers 1-13 Update

New Hero

  • Randall Boggs will only be available in the Diamond Crate

Servers 14-15 Update

New Heroes

  • Randall Boggs will only be available in the Diamond Crate
  • Madam Mim will be in the Elite Campaign

Servers 16-17 Update

New Heroes

  • Yzma will only be available in the Diamond Crate
  • Peter Pan will be in the Elite Campaign
  • Jafar will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 18 Update

New Heroes

Server 19 Update

New Heroes

  • Ursula will only be available in the Diamond Crate
  • Shank will be in the Elite Campaign
  • Maleficent will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 20

New Heroes

  • Merlin will only be available in the Diamond Crate
  • Robin Hood will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 21-22

  • Guild War will now be available! Guilds can set defensive teams now and War Matchmaking will start with the new season on November 1.

New Heroes

  • Darkwing Duck will only be available in the Diamond Crate
  • Gaston will be in the Elite Campaign

We are planning to release this update on Wednesday, October 23, pending app approvals.


Where’s Megavolt?!?!


Let’s go!!


So what happened to Megavolt?!??


We will probably be in next update

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Also Captain Hook is Sign In for next month?!?!?


And yes! Darkwing is coming to 21!!


@Polaris i know i m going off topic but mim is in game already from a few weeks and we ll know she will get disk from jafar… the disk will appear in this update or we need to wait more?


Yay! Captain Hook and Randall


Hook looks weird
dialogue_captain_hook https://discourse.disneyheroesgame.com/uploads/default/original/3X/f/0/f07132a4edd8524bfc7f0d5670d314f3ad934401.png


Hook looks ugly why is his face square

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And facing the player

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Creepy he’s scary


Hook looks like he is high


@Polaris Who is the sign-in hero for servers 16+? Or is that not to be revealed yet?

Thank you for the new heroes! I’m excited for Ursula on my server.


Hey @Polaris, how come no hero refreshments?

Anyways, thanks! Please keep up the good work!


Well this October only had 3 characters…

This lied to us technically

Not counting Gonzo


So Hook has no Red Skill?


And Megavolt hasn’t even been shown yet

But him & LaunchPad are coming soon!

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