A Guide to the DHBM Storyline

Hey! I made this thread for those who are interested in this game’s storyline (including ME!) I won’t be posting everyday since I have two accounts to grind, but I’ll try to be as fast as I can.


  • Actual in-game events with additional narrations
  • Actual in-game dialogue
  • Theories about the storyline

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So what exactly is this? A deep analysis of the entire story, or just quick summary and discussion of them?


Prologue: The Beta Key

Ralph and Vanellope reached their destination - the Disney Heroes World. The both of them stood in front of the door.

Ralph: I can’t believe you talked me into this.
Vanellope: Aww, come on, Ralph! How often do we get to try the game in BETA?
Vanellope showed the key to Ralph
Vanellope: We gotta use this key!

While they were talking, the Disney Heroes sign board fell just a little bit below it’s position and glitches. Ralph looked at the glitching board and got worried for a bit.

Ralph: Uh, I dunno, kid. Looks like there’s somethin’ seriously wrong. I’ve never seen an entrance like this before.
Vanellope: Fortune favors the bold, Stinkbrain! You can follow me or get left behind.
Ralph: All right, fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you… because I AM warning you!

Then the two of them entered the door. As soon as they enter the door, their appearance changed. Ralph gets a slight buff on his muscle and his hair stood up while Vanellope gets a cool pink glasses and an improvised-looking weapon called the Soda Soaker. Both of them were surprised at what happened.

Vanellope: Wowee! Look at this soda soaker Ralph!
Ralph: Aw, man! This is my only shirt…
Vanellope: Are you kidding?! You look amazing!!

(Showing Disney Heroes: Battle Mode). They sense something in the place, it looks kinda eerie.

Ralph: Whoa. This doesn’t look good.
Vanellope: What’s wrong with this place?

While they weren’t able to figure out what’s happening, a woman in red suit came and confronted the two.

Elastigirl: You!!! Where is my family? What have you done with them?
Ralph: Why do people always assume I’m the bad guy?

While they were talking, some creeps appeared in front of them. It was a Blue Ninja, a Blue Mage, a Robot, and a weird looking guy also in red suit.

Elastigirl: Bob! Thank goodness you’re safe. I was so worried!
Mr. Incredible: Grrr…
Elastigirl: Wait… Bob, is that you?,
Vanellope: He doesn’t look so good…
Elastigirl: Bob, if it’s really you, please snap out of it!

So Elastigirl, Vanellope, and Ralph fought the weird-looking Mr. Incredible and the creeps.

Ralph: I’m gonna wreck him!

The creeps were stunned as soon as Ralph slammed the ground hard.

Vanellope: It’s Lollipop Slam time!

Vanellope glitched into the enemies and slammed them with her lollipop causing them to disintegrate. Mr. Incredible remained alive and standing.

Elastigirl: Honey, I don’t want to hurt you, but I will STOP YOU if I have to!

Elastigirl stretched out her arms and knocked his infected husband causing him also to disintegrate like the other creeps. After the fight, Ralph confronted Elastigirl.

Ralph: Okay, you gotta tell us, lady - what is going on?
Elastigirl: I’m not sure, but we have to do something! My family’s missing, villains are everywhere, and Bob…

The lights suddenly turned out which makes them unable to see in that pitch-black place.

Ralph: Hey, who turned out the lights?
Elastigirl: I have a bad feeling about this.

The lights went back and they were surprised to see Mr. Incredible back with more creeps. Ralph saw Vanellope standing next to the creeps.

Ralph: Kid! What’s happened to you?!

Vanellope didn’t respond positively to Ralph and instead she commanded the creeps…

Vanellope: Attack! Attack!

Elastigirl and Ralph had to fight those six creeps standing in front of them (Mr. Incredible and Vanellope included). But because of being outnumbered they weren’t able to defeat any of them and the both of them were almost knocked out that time. Elastigirl had no choice but to run from that battle.

Elastigirl: We need to regroup! Run!!

Then the two were forced to escape from those vicious creeps. While they hide, Ralph talked to Elastigirl.

Ralph: Okay, lady, you’d better explain what’s goin’ on right now, because this game is no longer fun!
Elastigirl: This is some kind of GAME to you?
Ralph: Yes! Of course it’s - Ugh! I don’t have time to explain everything. My friend’s in trouble!
Elastigirl: My family’s there, too!
Ralph: You’re right. So, what do we do?
Elastigirl: We regroup and survey the area.

Elastigirl and Ralph had some blue crate from the last battle. They opened it and found a pack of data chips, it glowed and turned into a man in white suit. Elastigirl were surprised to know the guy.

Elastigirl: Frozone! Am I glad to see you.
Frozone: Elastigirl! Can you explain what in the greater good is going on here?
Elastigirl: I was hoping you’d be able to tell us, actually.

They also opened another crate, a gold one.

Ralph: Is it a medal?

They have decided to give the item to Frozone.

Elastigirl: Now that we have proper reinforcements, let’s scout the area.
Ralph: Ready when you are!

So Elastigirl, Ralph, and Frozone joined forces to survey the area and fight when necessary.

Theory #1

Vanellope found this key somewhere in the Candy Kingdom as planned by the Inventor.

Theory #2

Someone among the Parr family also got the BETA key like Vanellope and the whole family went into the DH World. And four of them got infected leaving Elastigirl as the only survivor.


Mr. Incredible along with the other creeps went in search of Elastigirl to hunt her down and make her face the same fate as him. Of course, Mr. Incredible wasn’t on his right mind. I was thinking the Inventor issued the search.


It’s just a narrated storyline with some theories.


Oh you’re gonna type out the whole story line? Sweet! That’s gonna take a lot of effort but I know many will appreciate it!


Thanks! I was keeping it to myself for a while but I thought of sharing it to others. And maybe some comments on my theories.


Ah yes, just what I need. Lores and theories are my thing for this game.

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Well here’s some important piece of dialogue I found in Tia Dalmas and Jacks friendship campaign in the end of the final episode where they both try to find a way to get rid of the creeps, in the end Dalma makes a potion a drinks it making her see something, she said she saw this

This could be referring to the Inventor where it was said that he created the City to be a safe haven for all the Disney characters but then suddenly something happened causing these creeps to come into play. Also it could be referring to also how he randomly appears to the heroes and even leads them to secret levels they are looking for.


Don’t stop now :slightly_smiling_face:


CHAPTER 1 - Sunrise Line

The team went into the center of the city, and Elastigirl were sad about the city’s current situation.

Elastigirl: The problem has spread across the entire city.
Frozone: These guys look like some serious trouble. Time to put them on ice.
Ralph: I’m ready. Let’s do this!

The team fought with the creeps and on the third wave, an infected Mr. Incredible faced the team alone.

Mr. Incredible: Purge the errors! Clean the code!
Elastigirl: Bob! You’re back! Thank goodness, I thought I’d lost you.
Mr. Incredible: ATTACK!!!
Ralph: Look out!

An infected Mr. Incredible tried to hit Elastigirl but Elastigirl luckily managed to avoid that strong attack with her quick movements. Despite of a tough battle, Elastigirl and the team won in the end.

Ralph: Phew, that was tough. I’m not used to guys being as strong as me.
Frozone: They don’t come stronger than Mr. Incredible. He kept saying, “Purge the errors,” What’s that about?
Elastigirl: We have to investigate. He disappeared and came back once. I’m sure it will happen again!

Our heroes try to keep up with Elastigirl as she runs across the rooftops. Elastigirl stops to let everyone catch their breath, only to be ambushed! Luckily, they managed to get past those blue ninjas and mages.

Ralph: Do you guys have an idea what’s going on?
Frozone: Look man, I’m as lost as you are.
Elastigirl: I think our best bet is to find Bob. I’m sure we can snap him out of… whatever’s happening to him.

Our heroes take a break to figure out their next steps.

Frozone: You fight pretty well, big guy. For a civilian.
Ralph: Hey, I’m just happy that no one here’s accusing me of bein’ a bad guy.
Frozone: I don’t get it.
Ralph: Back in my game, I’m the villain. And I tried to change that, but then Vanellope showed me that I can be a hero in my own way.
Frozone: She must mean a lot to you, huh?
Ralph: She’s my best friend. I’ll do anything to get her back.
Frozone: Don’t worry, man. We’ll get to the bottom of this. I promise.

Then the team continued on their task. Elastigirl suddenly finds herself face to face with an eerily familiar foe. They saw another Elastigirl that looks also weird like Mr. Incredible, but they focused themselves on beating the creeps than knowing the truth. After the fight, the team trades theories about the Creepy version of Elastigirl. Elastigirl renews her search, determined to figure out what is happening. The team found 5 data chips and 2 data chips on the ground. They picked it up and continued. As they go along and fight, they saw more familiar looking faces.

Dash: ATTACK! All imperfections must be eliminated!
Elastigirl: Dash!
Dash: Grrr…
Ralph: He may look innocent, but he’s comin’ straight for us! Look out!

With Ralph’s warning, the team managed to avoid Dash’s speedy attacks and beat him. Dash also disintegrated into the air.

Frozone: Man, that was rough. You okay, Helen?
Elastigirl: Not really, but I will be… once we get to the bottom of this and find the villain responsible.
Ralph: Well, your husband keeps comin’ back every time we defeat him. I’m sure Dash will too!
Elastigirl: You’re right, Ralph. I just hate having to fight my family like this…

They found another 5 data packs. They combined these with those 5 data packs they found earlier. The data packs glowed and a sweet little girl appeared in that blinding light.

Vanellope: RALPH! Aw man, it is so good to see you!
Ralph: Kid! You’re okay! That means…
Elastigirl: We can save my family! Welcome back, young lady. Do you remember anything at all?
Vanellope: Lemme see… Nope. Though there’s something about this that feels familiar…

The team gave her an XP drink as she is back in her normal state.

Vanellope: Sweet!
Ralph: Hey, you got more powerful, kid!

With Vanellope added on the team, they continued on their search for the truth behind this. Even though she knows that Dash will come back, Elastigirl can’t believe she had to fight him.

Elastigirl: Welcome to the team! Come on, we’ve got some bad guys to fight.

The team continues to talk about the creeps. Frozone and Ralph exchange theories about what’s wrong with their friends. And while they walk around the area, the team keeps an eye out for more familiar faces. Ralph looks out at the City. The glowing eyes of enemies are all around. They fought all of them and won the victory with 3 data chips as their reward. The City stretches as far as the eye can see. Frozone scouts ahead, but comes back with a horde of enemies on his tail! The horde continues to pursue the team as they run across the rooftops. The team chases a corrupted Dash to a dead end.

Frozone: Dash, you know I love you, buddy, but you are on thin ice!
Ralph: Be careful. We don’t know what that kid is capable of!

Elastigirl chases Dash as he tries to escape. In the middle of the chase, Elastigirl was able to upgrade herself.

Elastigirl: Wow! I don’t know what happened, but I actually feel stronger!

The enemy swarms our heroes as they pursue Dash. The rooftops are too far apart to jump! Elastigirl stretches into a bridge. Finally, Dash is cornered! Elastigirl, determined to find out what’s going on, approaches.

Dash: TCSZZH… Mom?
Elastigirl: Dash! Is that really you? Oh, honey, what’s wrong with you?
Dash: CHKX scared mom… don’t think… TCSZH… can hold… much longer. Get to… sea… TCSSZZZH
Ralph: …Hold on, kid! Stay with us!

The team fought with Dash, but he’s gone as soon as he’s defeated.

Elastigirl: No! We lost him!
Frozone: Don’t worry, Helen. We’ll get him back.
Ralph: Is it just me or was he trying to tell us how to help him?
Frozone: Well, he said something about the ocean…
Elastigirl: He must mean the Oceanside! It’s just north of here. Let’s go.

The team was pleased to be able to clear the area from the viruses.

Elastigirl: The area is clear! Well done, team!
Ralph: That’s one down and… a whole lot more to go.


Since Elastigirl fought with another Elastigirl, maybe the Inventor has power to make clones. I think two reasons on how the Inventor could make clones: The Inventor (1) was able to gather to some of Elastigirl’s data chips, and processed it to make an Elastigirl. Or (2) he fought with Elastigirl before, and copied her from his memory.


Dash is able to snap for a while and talk to Elastigirl. This means that body is actually Dash’s body, but only infected by the virus which controls him. So if Dash would be able to gather 10 data packs for himself like Vanellope and Frozone, he may go back to his normal self.


Elastigirl knows some (or a lot) places in the city. This means Elastigirl and her family has been stuck in that place for a long time. The unclear thing is if Frozone has been with the Parr or he went to the DH World alone.


You can share your own theories here. Also, The words that have ( and ) are in-game events. I just added some lines to make them more connected. :grin:


Oh, boy! This topic is very much bookmarked


Thanks, @Sauron. :smile:


Back then I used to think that we were the errors in THEIR world. And then we were invading their space or something. But that’s not true. But that’s my idea


Hmm… well, we may discover more interesting evidences in the next chapters.

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Anyone else think the final chapter of the story will be on the little island at the top of the screen?? Cuz that id what I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s chapter 19 for me

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Haha! Maybe that is an exile for The Inventor.


Really? The island is? Terrific, I cannot wait to play on an island

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Before I proceed to Chapter 2, I want to have some in-depth theory. In-depth theories will talk about some important details about the game and make theories about it. So let’s begin…

In-depth Theory: The Connection between Human Life and Data Codes

So we’ve noticed that the heroes aren’t based on their real life attributes, but instead, on their game data. This means the Elastigirl that we use in the game isn’t really the human Elastigirl. Her data code is the one we’re using, and also the same for all other heroes. So the question is, is the human Elastigirl connected to the in-game Elastigirl? :thinking:

I couldn’t find any answer to it except by using the Wreck-It Ralph Universe concept. Most of us saw Ralph Breaks the Internet and we saw that humans have some life forms when they’re connected to the Wifi. Take these as an example. This is the girl in human form…

…and this one is the girl in data form.

This means they are somehow connected. I found this concept correlated to the humans in the DHBM World. So the humans that we’re using we’re not humans, but their codes instead.

Humans are using the internet 24 hours?
In Ralph Breaks the Internet, their data forms appear only when they use the Internet. So does it mean they’re using the Internet all day? I would answer no. My theory is maybe their data forms still exist even though they’re not using the Internet, and they’re moving at their own will.

These are questions that still needs concrete evidences:

  • Why can’t some heroes unlock as :star2: heroes such as Elsa, Barbossa, Maleficent, and others?
  • If the theory above was true, how could non-humans such as Toy Story characters, Robin Hood, Zootopia and The Lion King characters have their own data forms?
  • How could all of them unified in the DHBM World when they lived in different times and era?
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