State of the Game - August 2020

Hello everyone and thanks for waiting for the second State of the Game for 2020! We want to review some of the improvements and changes we’ve made to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode since February, and reflect on some places we can do better going forward.

What we’ve done since February

  • We refreshed the Arena and Coliseum challenger tier with Challenger Seasons. The feedback on this refresh has been positive and we hope you continue to enjoy the rules and bonuses each week.
  • We changed the way matchmaking works in City Watch. These changes seem to have improved the experience, and next we’d like to bump up the rewards.
  • We’re releasing Endless Creep Surge on all servers with 2.2. This refresh was to give players more options on which regions they attack and increase guild cooperation to unlock gold multipliers.
  • We’ve been working to keep heroes balanced, and ensure we make changes when needed to keep heroes manageable. The hero changes to Randall, Hook, and Donald kept them viable in the game, but kept them from overwhelming the meta. Less successful was our initial change to Gizmoduck: when we added the cap to his skill, we didn’t balance that with changes to his other skills. While he’s still viable in Invasion, we did a refresh on all his skills for 2.2.
  • New heroes are powerful, but not overwhelming. Since Randall, no hero has shown up in more than ⅓ of all challenger lineups, and with challenger seasons, we’re seeing a healthy rotation of heroes being used. While Mulan is a newer, strong hero we’re watching, none of the new heroes we’ve released since February have dominated the meta the way Randall did.
  • We introduced consumable guild perks. The intention with these was to give guilds something to spend influence on at a steady pace. This worked for many guilds, but we still have very active guilds maxing out their influence. There’s still work to do here and we have a way for guilds to track their influence earned even after they’ve maxed their guild limit with the 2.2 update.
  • Cosmetic Collections give players more options for avatars and emojis in the game. In the 2.2 update, we’re adding the sticker avatars from Challenges to Cosmetic Collections.
  • We’ve been working on some improvements for the early stages of the game. That’s one of the reasons some of the improvements we talked about in February haven’t been done yet. We’ve been investing in updating our early game experience since the 2.1 release. With the 2.2 update, you’ll see more improvements that are a result of that work (the campaign rewards and improvements to crafting UI for example).

What We’re Working On

  • The Friend System refresh. We’ve talked about what this would look like and the design is done. This is a significant amount of development time, and while we wanted to get it done sooner, it’s currently planned for the 2.3 update
  • Invasion improvements. We’ve heard your feedback on Invasion being time consuming and grindy, especially after we changed Gizmoduck. One immediate step we’re taking to make Invasion more enjoyable is to rework the tier rewards. This will be done in the 2.2.10 update, and beyond that, we’re looking at other ways to make the mode fresh and fun.
  • More Guild Perks. The consumable perks gave guilds a way to keep spending influence to benefit the guild members, and we’re working on more perks for an upcoming update.
  • The Black Market and Mega Mart are shops that haven’t scaled well with the game progression. The design team is exploring ways to make these shops more useful.
  • Reviewing game rewards to make them automatically scale up, resulting in better rewards as players progress. We’ve been working on the Gold rewards for a while, and Stamina and Badge rewards are next on our list.
  • We’d like to improve our pipeline for player feedback and requests to make it into the roadmap. Forum and support ticket feedback is noted and shared with the team, but there’s room for us to improve here. We’re going to work on that in the next few months so that more player feedback is appearing in the game. Another thing we’re exploring is how to provide access and insight into what’s currently being developed and what’s coming up. We don’t know what form it will take, but we want to give you a bit more visibility.

What We Hear You Talking About

  • Balancing Rewards
    • We’re slowly going through each system and identifying where rewards haven’t aged well. We’re taking a very calculated approach to finding ways to automatically increase some rewards based on the server’s rarity cap. This won’t result in immediate massive changes, but we hope that, over time, the game continues to feel more and more rewarding to play.
  • Rarity and Team Level cap Increases
    • We’ve been very consistent with a 4-week release for rarity and level caps. In a few cases, we experimented with slightly longer cadences of 5 or 6 weeks. It was exceptionally clear that more players left the game when there were more weeks between level caps, and even with the longer time between updates, the negative feedback around rarity and team level increases was not different. We know that cap raises are not popular with all players, but it’s a necessary part of maintaining the game’s health. For that reason, we will stick to a 4-week cadence for the foreseeable future and are not able to veer away from that.
    • What we want to focus on is giving players more rewards to help those who feel perpetually behind to catch up. This is why we’re adding more rewards to the game that scale with team level. We’ve recently done this with gold. This will be a very slow process to get right, but it’s our hope that it will feel less like a grind when new content is released, and more like something new to experience and work toward. We want the feeling to be that rewards get better as you progress through the game.
  • Deal values
    • We sell what people buy. We monitor deal sales and identify deals that players buy, which helps us offer players what they want. We remove deals that don’t sell well over time, hopefully providing players with what they need.
    • There’s been negative feedback on the guild gifting deals. When we launched the system, we tried a number of different items and the hero chip deals are some of the best sellers. We’ve been offering them less frequently due to the negative feedback on the forums, but there are sections of the playerbase that like those deals and find them valuable.
    • While we value your feedback here on the forums, we also have to consider the input of the players who don’t use the forums. There’s been a lot of chatter about the deals on Servers 21 and 22 specifically. These servers do get fewer items in their deals than other servers did at the same rarity. We are working to do a better job getting resources to players in the game (scaling rewards for example), so inflated deals don’t feel as necessary. The gap between free to play players and spenders is something we’ve been working hard to address on the older servers, and selling more things in deals makes that worse. We’ve deliberately tried to avoid that pitfall with servers 21 and 22 by increasing the contents of the deals more slowly, and working to improve the systems in the game to be more generous.

What’s next?

Over the next 3 months, the team has the following goals:

  • Change more systems to scale rewards automatically. This will ensure the rewards keep pace with player progression, and don’t rely on us adjusting them manually over time
  • Continue Quality of Life improvements. Your feedback has helped us make great changes to the game, and we want to continue to work with your ideas
  • Improve communication between the players and the team. This includes better implementation of player feedback.
  • Release more new heroes - we have plans to expand existing IPs and add some new ones! We’re very excited to share with you all the cool heroes we’re working on.
  • Continue hero refreshes and adding new red skills. We put some extra work into the Queen of Hearts refresh, and that was well received, so we’ll be doing a more in depth refresh to one hero, rather than small refreshes on multiple heroes. Our plan is to have all Red Skills in the game by the end of the year!
  • Ensure releases are stable and address any bugs that pop up as quickly as possible. We’re working to give our QA team more time with updates, and ensure we aren’t rushing the team to get things done last minute.

As always, we’re grateful to have you as part of the game community. I really enjoy the banter with the community on the forums and empathise with your struggles and passion for the game. We know you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t enjoy the game, and thank you for being a dedicated Disney Heroes fan!


Finally it’s here! Thanks so much @Polaris!


Yay, it’s arrived! Thank you so much @Polaris!


Nothing on Kim


Thanks @Polaris and the whole team for the State of the Game. While I don´t agree with all points said, the feel is cohesively positive.
I would like to go into more depth with the points, not really thinking this is the place to discuss them though.


More CW rewards is great


This is PR done well… loads of fluff and nothing really substantial about how the game will be improved…

And they are exceptionally good at filtering out the feedback they don’t want to hear. I would really like to see them post some of their “statistics” though.

There has been so much positive feedback on diamond crates as guild gifts but even after 2 months we haven’t seen it again… not to mention the amount of hate on invasion guild gifts and we are still seeing it every week.

God bless…


Maybe G-Force will be added🤔


I was really hoping we’d get some real answers and solutions to the issues community has been desperately voicing here, but I feel we got nothing at all.

So nothing wrong with deal values, you say? Good to know, no reason to buy them in the future either.

Very disappointed honestly :frowning:



I’m counting on you folks to pull through on this! Gold rewards are nowhere near what they need to be. Same with stamina. Here’s hoping!

This better mean Anna… :smirk::smirk::smirk:

Thanks for keeping us in the loop PB! Sometimes it feels like I’ll never catch up, good to know the issue is being addressed!


Generally pretty happy with this, it’s good to hear what’s happening in PB-land :smile:

A very quick few points I’d give -

Really?! From my experience having been in Challenger ever since seasons were introduced, over the last number of weeks almost every single defence lineup past C6 has had Mulan, Hades and Timon & Pumbaa in it. :man_shrugging:

I don’t think this has been tried for a long, long time - there could be other factors? Back when it was last tried, I’m assuming that progression was significantly easier due to the lower cost of everything - that could explain why, if more players got bored and left. I don’t think anybody would find themselves in that situation with a 5-6 week gap now. Also, were those players that left the game committed spenders, or more casual players who had only recently joined the game in the first place? The explanation of more players quitting is fair if true, but needs some context to justify it.

Yep - I’ve always accepted that most of the negative feedback on the forums is from people who don’t buy, and that ‘bad’ deals wouldn’t be offered if nobody bought them. :stuck_out_tongue: though, maybe the occasional ‘good’ deal would convince them to spend some money.

It’s great that lots of important stuff is in consideration and planned for the next few months :slight_smile: I hope that by the next SOTG post, most if not all of it will have been implemented somehow into the game. There were quite a few bits from the previous post that haven’t yet :worried:


I’m excited!


I really REALLY hope this happens and is done right and well. I really liked the campaign bonuses, despite them being weird, and I hope they expand on that, as well as other bonuses and things that can help close the F2P-P2P gap. As someone who is at the halfway mark on my server’s level cap, I would appreciate this A LOT if it is done really well.

As always, very excited to see what comes next for heroes, as I love collecting them all. Hoping for some very exciting characters to become heroes (Disney Parks, Anna and the Princesses, completing unfinished franchises like Inside Out, etc.)

This is also good. But I like something else even more…

I really think QoH’s refresh was a great start to this. Looking forward to seeing those new red skills!


Wait for expand ips do you mean themes that haven’t been updated in a while like dark wing duck, duck tales, nightmare, monsters inc, lilo and stitch, toy story, Hercules, and Mickey mouse


Sounds like some things are said without saying something.
Fact is that people on newer servers dont get anything worthwile for the deals while keeping the game up for the same F2P.
Right now i got a deal for 31 stamina for 10 euro on server 22
Which is basically one orange badge. Something doesn’t quite add up here. The pace at which you increase the deals doesn’t make sense to me.


Thank you for this contribution.

In a first step, I would like to summarize this briefly.

Lots of text, little content, many falsehoods.

I will analyze the contribution in the next few days and justify my statement.


I agree with this, Polaris mentions there has been negative feedback overall (very true) but the feedback on this one was very positive - it has to have been the most purchased guild gift to date, right? In my guild like 2-3 people max buy the invasion & chip deals - 30 people bought the diamond crates.

Obviously something like that can’t be offered too regularly without creating resource imbalance, but the point is that it was good value (because it contained stuff that everybody can use, in quite large amounts) - most of the guild gift deals are not, and are too specific so only benefit a few people.

We want guild gifts that aren’t terrible value as a standalone purchase, don’t expire at the end of the week, and offer items that everybody in the guild can make use of regardless of the heroes they have.


Ok for the most part I like what I saw but there are some points that I don’t agree at all and that literraly have me like this


This about sums it for you, bud. Basically what PB said and Polaris posted is…
“It´s not that we flopped at giving terrible deals in S21/22. Rather that we are giving too good deals that increase the gap between P2W and F2P in all the other servers.”

You know what? You can pretty much tighten the P2W-F2P gap with one thing. No Stamina deals. On the other hand, that would make the majority of P2W guys quit since they won´t be able to max out their folks at the cap raise which are currently at R11 maxed.

How about increasing the Get More Stamina thing by 4x as Get More Gold? I am sure THAT would at least make the badge crafting much less of a hindrance for F2P or P2P (dolphins).


Agree with & understand this –

– but wasn’t a good way to compensate it, by having the ‘rare / unique’ deals that appeared depending on how often or how recently someone had spent? I haven’t seen those pop up for a couple of months at least, it seems long overdue.

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