Disney/Pixar Short Concept Contest!

Is it August 1st where you are at? If so, yes!

Not yet, it’s almost midnight as I’m posting this lol.

If it is like 15 minutes away I will accept it.

Tomorrow morning ASAP it is then. Around 8:00 AM would work?

Yes of course. The earliest it can be is Midnight on August 1st wherever you are, the latest being August 22nd at 12:00 PM EST.

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Concept Created! Here It Is!

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I have created my humble pledge

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It’s still July where I am

here’s my entry!! The new yarn in the office (contest entry)

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Here is my entry @Imagineer_V! The Ultimate Battlesaur

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My entry has arrived! Here it is!

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Entry is here, Wonder who it could be…

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Here’s my concept!

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The Bunny Cat is here with a concept.

My concept!

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Only day 1 of my contest and we have some very exciting concepts and the day is not even done! I am seriously SO shocked with how well the contest is going and the creativity and amazing concepts we have so far. I will update this list as the day goes on. I will be doing a recap post at the end of every week of the contest. It will not let me @ more than 10 people, so I am not doing @ts but thanks to everyone who has submitted so far.

Fellow_PigIet with Day and Night
Tragic-Magic with Smash and Grab
The_Kingslayer with Lou
C-train with Purl
Disney-Fan with Reptillus Maximus
LetsGetDangerousBro with Gus and Peck
Grim_grinning_Ghost with Geri
Phaldow with Stu and Mr. B
Bunny_Cat with Kitbull
Mister_Toon_IV with Renee
AngeIica with Lou
Scrooge_McDuck_XI with Purl


I’m surprised we didn’t get anything from presto, Luxo jr, red’s dream, boundin’, or tin toy

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The contest still has 21 days left. In fact I may cut it short a little since so many people are submitting quickly.


If they could, I hope everyone’s concept wins

After the first week if there are no submissions in over 72 hours maybe end it then?

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