"Just Keep Swimming" - 2nd Grand Concept Creation Contest 2021 [Likely Submissions Post]

Welcome dear forumers to the 2nd Grand Concept Creation Contest 2021 with the motto "Just Keep Swimming."

No more waiting… The contest begins now… Upload your concepts as a thread and paste the link in the comments.
Note: This topic is only for the concepts, so if you have anything else to say or ask, you can do it in the announcement post.

The Rules For Likely Category

  1. Each participant can submit ONLY ONE concept in the likely category.

  2. The concepts must abide forum rules. No swearing or inappropriate things.

  3. All friendship disks must be with characters currently in the game.

  4. A concept previously posted on the forums will be disqualified.

  5. The character must be from a Disney or Pixar movie/cartoon. Properties of Disney like Marvel and Star Wars belong in the Unlikely Category.

  6. The character cannot already exist ingame.

  7. Submissions MUST follow format.

Let the contest begin.


Here is my likely concept: Parker Rooney from the Disney Channel show: Liv and Maddie

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Ha! Boom Baby!

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I’ve got a concept to submit! :3

Part of Our World - Ariel Concept (The Little Mermaid)


Hello! Here it is!
Not the brightest Idea for a concept

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This seems like the perfect place to place my entry!!

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Here’s my Dean Hardscrabble concept!

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Here’s mine! Pinocchio…because…reasons?


Here is my entry


My submission (Likely). :grin:

A submission


Here is my entry: The Last Dragon | Concept

Here’s my entry!: Max Goof Likely Concept & Contest Submission

If it’s at all legal, I made another concept to submit! :V

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Tremaine (Likely Concept)

Well, this disputes that. Only one. But the concept you just made can be a regular concept.


@Zelkiiro it’s not a matter of choice. Only your first submission counts.

Likely Submission :grin:


What a charming concept submission.

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Here’s my concept, i hope you like it.

The Princess of Heart

Here’s my likely concept. Barely made it today.

Hope you enjoy it. :wink:


:sweat_smile: Phew, I made it in time…

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