@Irrer_Minnie_VIII all Concepts and Requests

Hi Forumers!
If you like my Concepts this Topic is good for you! I’ll post links to all my Concepts here! Please tell me if the thread is useless!

Don’t forget to look at my Elimination Game too!







Can we ask you to do a concept?

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Of course!

Moin ich bin es Prinz Andy

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Oh hi, schön dich zu sehen

New Concept added: Penny from the Rescuers

The title is “and Requests” now. So please request heroes and then we can work on them in a PM together.

Hi alles ok…msorry hab erst jrztbgeschrieben

Ist schon gut…

How about Frollo?

Oh yes. I’ll have to watch the movie first but then I can make one. Looking forward to it!

:slight_smile: thanks!!

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Upcoming Concepts:

If you want to request characters, then just do it!

Who do u want to request?

Cat Noir Concept will be published tomorrow!

Oh, can you do a beaker and Bunsen concept

From which movie/TV series?

From the muppets

I’ll see what I can do :sweat_smile: :wink::grin:

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