Hero Refresh Feedback Corner!

Stat refreshes for older heroes become more frequent and are part of the new mini prize wall.
Refreshes are very important as they keep some balance in the game, as there wasn’t any central thread for this… now there is, as Loutre wanted. :bulb:

Here we can discuss released hero refreshes and suggest new ones, or anything related to hero refreshes.


I’ve got some…suggestions…

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First off, thank you for making the Hero Refresh Feedback post Musketeer :-).

Now to lay the ground work, this is the Starter Heroes that is not going to be refreshed based on the current belief/thinking PerBlue has:

Yax got a Support Refresh in 1.12, so as such isn’t considered a Starter Hero I assume or at got a free pass there at that time. Yax’s Support Refresh doesn’t affect Chapter 1 technically however.
Update 1.12 Patch Notes

Since many early 2018 have gotten refreshes I would like to check them on whether or not they have refreshed or not.

Refresh Statuses:
Refreshed: R
Support Buff: SB
Buff Refresh: BR
Positive Hero Balance & Combat Changes: HC

Here are the characters that appear in Chapter 1 as enemies and their Refresh status:

Chapter 1:
Vanellope: ?
Elastigirl: ?
Frozone: ?
Yax: [SB] 1.12
Mr. Incredible: [R] 1.15 - [SB] 1.19
Dash: [SB] 1.12 - [HC] 1.14
Bogo: [R] 1.16.10 - [SB] 1.18
Judy: [SB] 1.12

In chapter 1 the majority of the characters have gotten refreshed or buffed in some way, only Vanellope, Elastigirl and Frozone haven’t. (If I missed anything let me know).

Given that over half of the characters that appears as enemies in Chapter 1 are Refreshed/Buffed I think it is technically fair that the Starter characters get a bit buffed, as logically the current balance Chapter 1 has is not the same balancing as the original intent back in 2018.
An another solution to balance differences from the original intent would be to make it so that enemies in Chapter 1 don’t have any Refresh or Buff improvements applied to them, that way be the same as the balance intent back in 2018.

Which ever way it goes, it is concerning to me that more than half of the character enemies in Chapter 1 are allowed to be buffed, yet not the characters you start out with the 1-2 stages as in the first stage and the mini-stage afterwards.
We do technically soon after that soon get to choose character between Mr.Incredible, Nick, Felix and Bogo which are all refreshed/buffed, but still is it right that the first Starter Characters shouldn’t be refreshed just because they are given out for free at the start yet face character that are refreshed in the first chapter?

Something we have to keep in mind is that a decent amount of players who start keep investing in the starting characters, which unknowly sets them at an disadvantages compared to other players who invest in newer characters.
Most players usually change eventually, but some do seem to stick to the original characters they got and invested in which I would say is an unfortunate issue for the game’s long term health.

A lot to keep in mind here, but I hope I have balanced out this post well enough and provided good enough information. (If I missed anything on the refreshes/buffed, let me know).

So yes, what do we think about the fact that the Starter Characters aren’t going to have any Refreshes or Buffes applied to them? (?Yax could show there are an exception to the rule as well?).

  • Refresh/Buff Them Please!!!
  • Yax show that they can be refreshed/buffed
  • It would be fair to refresh them
  • Indifferent
  • I don’t care either way
  • Refresh other characters instead

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A bit long post, but yeah I hope it can highlight some aspects of the issues around the Starter Characters and them not getting refreshed. So yeah, will be interesting to see if anything change in the future, but for the future of Disney Heroes’s long health I think it would be a good idea to refresh the Starter Characters at least a bit stat wise :-).

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I have in mind many QoL refreshes that won´t do much, but at least will get rid of near useless stats.

Example: Normal Crit bonus stat in Jack Sparrow´s red skill.

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Would be nice if Kim gets stat refresh for anniversary… and give her team heal back.

But besides, it would be great if a support hero would get a refresh, in 4 years there was only one support hero refresh - Gizmoduck. @Loutre

Joy, Shang, and Linguini would be fantastic candidates.

Alice and Woody too, but they need a full hero refresh, not only stat refresh.
Kevin Flynn’s purple skill should make him fully immune to all debuffs, while Launchpad’s white skill should active heal and energy gain at the same time, increasing both values too.

those three are used and are still fairly good…

Joy only kinda needs the non-purple skill refreshes… since everyone mods her purple if they can

I just want Joy to benefit from her own Purple skill. >>;

They 3 still have their weakness, and Linguini is definitely far from meta or any good use. Joy and Shang also have their flaws which can be fixed by simple stat refresh. Joy’s evasion from red skill needs to scale by 1 per skill level, and her HP is very low.

Stat refresh for someone like Woody will do nothing to him, John’s stat refresh did nothing to him… apart he kills himself easier.

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