The Concept Book: All of Xavier_The_Great’s Concepts

Here are all of my concepts so if you want to view then, they are very easy to view instead of having to search in the Creative Corner.
(Note: This will go on from the first one I made to the latest.)
(When I make a new concept, link should be here.)
Regular Concepts.
Character Concept for Tapper)
(Dr. Doofenshmirtz Character Concept)
Reuben Hero Concept)
Luxo and Luxo Jr. Hero Concept)
Beagle Boys Hero Concept)
Dr. Hämsterviel Hero Concept)
Gir Hero Concept)
TJ Detweiler Hero Concept)
Cricket Green Hero Concept)
Alice Green Hero Concept)
Gelatin Hero Concept)
Puffball Hero Concept)
Dooble Hero Concept)
Max Hero Concept)
Tails Hero Concept)
Perry The Platypus Hero Concept)
Spongebob Hero Concept)
Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Hero Concept)
Bugs Bunny Hero Concept)
King Candy and Sour Bill Hero Concept)
Milo Murphy Hero Concept)
Negaduck Hero Concept)
Papyrus Hero Concept)
The Battle Cats Hero Concept)
Webby Hero Concept)
Wii Hero Concept)
Dipper Pines Hero Concept)
Tilly Green Hero Concept)

Unlikely Concepts.
The Not-So Friendly Alien (Unlikely Concept 1/10))
The Spanish Scarf (Unlikely Hero Concept 2/10))
The Cartoon British Boy (Unlikely Concept 3/10))
The Scaredy Dog (Unlikely Hero Concept 4/10))
A Biter of a Plant (Unlikely Concept 5/10))
Hey, Neighbor! (Unlikely Concept 6/10))
Go-Go Gadget! (Unlikely Concept 7/10)
The Steamboat Mouse (Unlikely Concept 8/10))
The Sheep (Unlikely Concept 9/10))
Hear Me Roar! (Unlikely Concept 10/10))
The Principal Of Springfield Elementary (Unlikely Concept 11/20))
The Cat With The Hat (Unlikely Concept 12/20))
The Groundskeeper Of Springfield Elementary (Unlikely Concept 13/20))
The Secret Twin Of Bart (Unlikely Concept 14/20))
The Man Behind The Slaughter (Unlikely Concept 15/20))
I Have A New Plan, R2 (Unlikely Concept 16/20))
A Game Developing Alien (Unlikely Concept 17/20))
Hero Concept but Awesome (Unlikely Concept 18/20))

Super Smash Bros. Concepts.
King Dedede Hero Concept (Super Smash Bros. Concept 1/5))
The Crocodile With Skills (Super Smash Bros. Concept 2/5))
The Bear and his Bird (Super Smash Bros. Concept 3/5))
The Longest Wanted Character (Super Smash Bros. Concept 4/5))

Jumba’s Experiments Concepts.


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It is best to personalize the name of the topic. By personalizing I mean make it more specific to you.

The unlikely concept list will be getting a new concept everyday until it gets to 20/20! Yay!

I don’t think this is a date

Hey, where’s RedGelatins concept?

Until it gets to the twentieth unlikely concept.

I scrapped it.

Oh well, he was excited alright.

I scrapped his request for mine to

Well, i’ll make him a BFB concept, I guess…

Can u do one for me?

A BFB concept?

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Ok, that was a good time to use that GIF.

I know right

Ok, no more BFB concepts.

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